CAMEL – The Snow Goose [Re-Recorded] (2013)

CAMEL - The Snow Goose [Re-Recorded] (2013) full


CAMEL, one of the progressive rock’s most influential and loved bands has completely & lovingly Re-Recorded “The Snow Goose”, their classic third opus.
Inspired by a short story written by Paul Gallico, this beautiful album was one of the band’s most popular releases, and it has been re-recorded and re-arranged by the 2013 line-up to coincide with their autumn European comeback tour.

The concept is not only a timeless story of love and war, it is a tale of dignity and kindness lifted to the heart on the wings of an injured Snow Goose through her unique relationship with two humans.
Dedicated to the memory of the co-writer and keyboard player on the original 1975 Vinyl LP Peter Bardens (1945 – 2002), and acknowledging the input from Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward for their contributions to the concept, development and recording of the original album, I can tell you that this brand new version of the classic “The Snow Goose” by everybody’s favourite symphonic prog band is superb.

CAMEL - The Snow Goose [Re-Recorded] (2013) booklet

From the line-up of Andy Latimer (guitars / flute / keyboards), Guy LeBlanc (keyboards), Colin Bass (bass) and Denis Clement (keyboards / drums / percussion), this new version basically remains faithful to the original, with some tracks revised slightly.
The tasty arrangements and enhancements made to the original for the recent stage presentation of “The Snow Goose” are perfect; with none of the charm of the original lost in translation.
This 2013 edition of the “The Snow Goose” features new artwork as well, and it’s a must for Classic Prog fans.

CAMEL - The Snow Goose [Re-Recorded] (2013) photo

01. The Great Marsh (2:04)
02. Rhayadar (3:02)
03. Rhayadar Goes To Town (5:20)
04. Sanctuary [revised edition] (1:06)
05. Fritha (1:19)
06. Snow Goose (3:12)
07. Friendship (1:44)
08. Migration [revised edition] (2:02)
09. Rhayadar Alone [revised edition] (1:50)
10. Flight Of The Snow Goose (2:01)
11. Preparation (3:53)
12. Dunkirk (5:25)
13. Epitaph [revised edition] (2:07)
14. Fritha Alone (1:39)
15. Princesse Perdue (4:46)
16. The Great Marsh (1:34)

Andrew Latimer – Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Keyboards, Percussion
Colin Bass – Bass
Guy LeBlanc – Keyboards, Vocals
Denis Clement – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards


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