THIN LIZZY – Thunder And Lightning [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2013)

THIN LIZZY - Thunder And Lightning [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2013) full


There’s some big news out there; one of my favorite albums from legends THIN LIZZY, “Thunder And Lightning”, has been reissued in a Deluxe Edition remastered and including an awesome bonus CD featuring 13 bonus tracks made up of rare live material and original studio demos.

Twelfth and final studio recording by the Irish wonders, “Thunder And Lightning” was originally released in 1983 and has been regarded as a Thin Lizzy classic, an album that has influenced countless heavy and hard rock bands.
Heavier than its predecessors, “Thunder And Lightning” featured new guitarist and future star John Sykes (Whitesnake, Blue Murder) and contained defining Lizzy songs such as the title track, “The Holy War” and “Cold Sweat”.
Keyboard player Darren Wharton (who would shine later commanding AORsters Dare) also offered a stronger musical influence to this final studio album, co-writing many of the tracks including “Some Day She Is Going to Hit Back” and the final single “The Sun Goes Down”.

THIN LIZZY - Thunder And Lightning [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2013) booklet 2

If you only know Thin Lizzy for some occasional single song from the beginning of their career (and don’t like it much) and never heard “Thunder And Lightning”, you’ve been missing out something really, really good. This album redefined the British (and more) hard rock sound in years to come.
This epic mix the classic sound of Thin Lizzy with melodic, sharp, heavier instrumental parts and darker lyrics making it an instant classic. Technically it is perfect and the band’s performance is extraordinary, making it one of the best of the group.

THIN LIZZY - Thunder And Lightning [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2013) booklet

“Thunder And Lightning Deluxe Edition” not only offers the original album remastered with a great sound, we have as well a must have bonus CD featuring the original studio demo of these songs plus a great Thin Lizzy performance at the Hammersmith in 1981.

Disc 1

01. Thunder and Lightning
02. This Is The One
03. The Sun Goes Down
04. The Holy War
05. Cold Sweet
06. Someday She Is Going To Hit Back
07. Baby Please Don’t Go
08. Bad Habits
09. Heart Attack

Disc 2

01. Angel Of Death (live B-side)
02. Don’t Believe A Word (live B-side)
03. Emerald (Live in Hammersmith ’81)
04. Killer On The Loose (Live in Hammersmith ’81)
05. The Boys Are Back In Town (Live in Hammersmith ’81)
06. Hollywood (Live in Hammersmith ’81)
07. The Sun Goes Down (original demo version)
08. Bad Habits (original demo version)
09. This Is The One (original demo version)
10. Thunder And Lightning (original demo version)
11. Cold Sweet (original demo version)
12. Baby Please Don’t Go (original demo version)
13. Heart Attack (original demo version)
14. The Holy War (original demo version)
15. Someday She’s Gonna Hit Back

Phil Lynott – bass, vocals
Scott Gorham – guitar, backing vocals
John Sykes – guitar, backing vocals
Darren Wharton – keyboards, backing vocals
Brian Downey – drums, percussion

THIN LIZZY - Thunder And Lightning [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2013) back cover


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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed the remix of the original lp. I'm gonna buy this deluxe set, even if I own the vinyl and the cd…
    The live versions are close of the "LIFE/LIVE" sound, but it was nice to hear "Hollywood" which, apart of boots, was not released in a live version (in my knowledge).
    JP, France

  2. simonthecat says:

    They were the masters – long live Lizzy!

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