SAGA – Spin It Again! Live In Munich [2CD] (2013)

SAGA - Spin It Again! Live In Munich [2CD] (2013) full


“Spin It Again – Live in Munich!” is the new live 2CD and Blu-ray that captures the final night of the 2012 sold-out tour by Canadians SAGA in Germany, where the band have always had a large and loyal following so it makes sense to record their live album there.

‘Five years ago I stood on this stage and I said goodbye. Five years later and I’m standing on this stage and I say hello’ says lead singer Michael Sadler, as this tour marked the return of the legendary original Saga vocalist. “Spin It Again – Live in Munich!” also features the on stage debut of new drummer Mike Thorne replacing Brian Doerner due his health problems.
It’s a varied set list; three songs from their most recent album ‘20/20’ including “Spin It Again” and “Six Feet Under”, two of the highlights from the already very strong album. Ian Crichton’s guitar playing is always a delight to listen to and the band have a good feeling with the audience.

Saga’s commercial era from the early ’80s is covered by the live staples of “Scratching The Surface” and the darn catchy “The Flyer” from the ‘Heads Or Tales’ album (one of my favorites from this band), and “On The Loose” and “Wind Him Up” from ‘Worlds Apart’, showing Saga at their very best.
There are other fan favourites too, such as a sterling version of “The Cross” and “Careful Where You Step”, the latter a real keys to the fore song.

SAGA - Spin It Again! Live In Munich [2CD] (2013) back cover

Some people love live albums, some others not. In the case of Saga, this type of recordings showcase an almost completely new face from the band, as these Canadians really feel ‘hot’ on stage.
There’s a much more energetic, vivacious takes on these classic songs and of course, tons of huge, awesome keyboards & synths. If you are a fan of ivory-galore (like me) “Spin It Again – Live in Munich!” is a blast.
A must have for Saga’s fans, but also for those who think this group sounds a bit restrained in the studio. Besides, Saga is one of the few acts to successfully appeal to both lovers of Melodic Rock / AOR and Prog Rock, and this double CD serves as a good best of to highlight the various musical sides of this talented band.
Very Recommended.

01 – Anywhere You Wanna Go
02 – Mouse In A Maze
03 – Careful Where You Step
04 – The Perfectionist
05 – You’re Not Alone
06 – Spin It Again
07 – Corkentellis
08 – The Flyer
09 – Fish Beat

01 – Six Feet Under
02 – The Cross
03 – Time’s Up
04 – Scratching The Surface
05 – Tired World (Chapter 6)
06 – Humble Stance
07 – On the Loose
08 – Wind Him Up
09 – Framed
10 – Don’t Be Late (Chapter 2)

Michael Sadler – lead vocals, keyboards, bass
Ian Crichton – guitars
Jim Gilmour – main keyboards, vocals
Jim Crichton – bass, keyboards
Mike Thorne – drums, vocals


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