MRCD9 – 15 Years Later CD1 (2012) MRCD9 - 15 Years Later CD1 (2012) full

* only for 24hs

Celebrating its 15 years of existence has released one of their regular compilations including tons of rarities, this time in a double package titled “MRCD9 – 15 Years Later”. MRCD9 - 15 Years Later CD1 (2012) booklet

There’s previously unreleased songs from the likes of Erik Martensson (Eclipse), Joe Lynn Turner, Sammy Hagar, White Sister, Mecca, Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Danny Danzi, Jim Peterik, Talon, Mike Tramp, also Japanese Bonus Tracks from Ten, Vega, Salute, Shadowman, etc. Some tracks are even composed for the occasion.
In short; every Melodic Rock / AOR music fan will love this double CD-set. MRCD9 - 15 Years Later CD1 (2012) back cover


01) MelRock Orchestra – Melody Rocks (The Anthem)
Ted Poley, Steve Brown, A. del Vecchio, Marco Sandron, Andreas Novak – lead vocals
Alessandro del Vecchio – keyboards
Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti – drums
Amos Monti – bass
Stefano Lionetti – rhythm guitars
Carmine Martone, Tim Manford, Steve de Biasi – lead guitars
Sue Willetts, Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri, Marco Sandron, Alessandro del Vecchio, Andreas Novak – backing vocals
Recorded exclusively for this CD

02) Joe Lynn Turner – Out There
Joe Lynn Turner – lead vocals
Chris Antblad – all instruments, backing vocals
Previously unreleased

03) Sammy Hagar,Jesse Harms & D. Carmassi – Fallen From Grace
Sammy Hagar – vocals, guitars, bass
Jesse Harms – keyboards, backing vocals
Denny Carmassi – drums
Exclusive on this CD

04) Erik Martensson – A Different Drum
Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) – vocals, all instruments
Exclusive, previously unreleased

05) Beggars & Thieves – Home
Louie Merino – vocals
Ronnie Mancuso – guitar, bass, keyboards
Jake E. Lee – rhythm guitars
Erik Gloege – drums
Exclusive, previously unreleased

06) Mecca – Say The Word (Demo)
From the upcoming album “Mecca III”
Exclusive, previously unreleased

07) Marc Scherer & Jim Peterik – Change Everything
Marc Scherer – lead & backing vocals
Jim Peterik – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Bob Lizik – bass guitar
Kelly Keagy – drums
Exclusive new recording

08) Michael Bates – More Than A Feeling
Michael Bates – vocals
Erkka Korhonen – guitars
Jari Ilomaki – bass
Sami Osala – drums
from Michael Bates upcoming album

09) Brett Walker – What About You
Brett Walker – lead vocals, guitars, bass, B3 Organ
David Prater – drums, background vocals
from Brett Walker upcoming album – rough mix

10) Robert Sall – Worth Fighting For
Lars Safsund (Work Of Art) – vocals
Robert Sall (Work Of Art) – all instruments
Writers demo for Kimball/Jamison album – Exclusive, previously unreleased

11) Crazy Lixx – Lights Out
Japanese Bonus Track from the album New Religion

12) HarleQeen – All The Way
Advance from debut album, new Swedish melodic rock band

13) Kelly Keagy – Soul To Call My Own
Kelly Keagy & Brian Bart – all instruments & vocals
Exclusive, previously unreleased

14) Hicks – Mamas Kitchen
Miqael Persson Hicks – vocals
Erik Martensson – guitars

15) Vic Heart – One Day Left
Vic Heart – vocals
Tommy Denander – guitars
Christian Ingebrigtsen – drums, bass
Exclusive, previously unreleased

16) Cosmo / Smith – Highway In Your Eyes
Frank Cosmo – vocals
Bruce Smith – bass
Bob Kulick – guitar
Exclusive, previously unreleased

17) AOR – No Margin For Error
Featuring Chasing Violets & Phillip Bardowell
Exclusive, previously unreleased

18) Auras – Take It To The Limit
(Japanese Bonus Track from New Generation)

19) Mike Tramp – When The Children Cry (Orchestral Version)
Mike Tramp – all vocals & instruments
Exclusive, previously unreleased


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