EDEN’S CURSE – Symphony Of Sin (2013)

EDEN'S CURSE - Symphony Of Sin (2013) full


EDEN’S CURSE new album “Symphony Of Sin” will be released in Europe next October 4th, presenting the new line-up.
Formed in January 2006 by chief songwriter and bassist, Scotsman Paul Logue (David Readman, Cry Havoc) and United States born & bred vocalist Michael Eden (Seven Ten), German guitar virtuoso Thorsten Koehne (Demon Drive) and English Drummer Pete Newdeck (Steve Grimmett Band, Lionsheart), the band experienced some changes for this, their fourth CD.
With Michael Eden out of the game along with keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio, the remaining members sought out and found the Serbian soulful vocal bliss of the young Nikola Mijic and the experience and abilities of Steve Williams (Power Quest, Dragonforce).
Even with their reorganization, Eden’s Curse maintained their same sensitivity towards the melodic crust of both Hard Rock and Metal, and I might even add that they enriched it this time around.

The materialization of “Symphony Of Sin” signified a slight change of proceedings within Eden’s Curse music. This new album tends towards the boundaries of Hard Rock and powerful AOR rather towards the clutches of Melodic Metal, thus making it less heavier yet not without a lesser quality.
In fact, in my humble opinion, this is Eden’s Curse best album ever.
Other than the classic influence of DIO and Dokken – particularly within Thorsten Koehne’s rocking riffery, it appears that the band took a welcomed closer step towards the catchy vibes of Jaded Heart, Coldspell, Pink Cream 69 or House Of Lords.
Additionally, they found in Mijic’s exquisite, classic voice pattern a mixture of Joe Lynn Turner, Ian Gillian and Jean Beauvoir to fit like a glove the rocking, catchy melodious songs composed for “Symphony Of Sin”.
This new CD delivers a fairly more harmonic vibe than its predecessors especially demonstrated on the choral vocals that were amazingly produced, which garnered the listening experience a fine edge of smoothness.

EDEN'S CURSE - Symphony Of Sin (2013) inside cover

The sound is epic and bombastic in the best possible way with a whole 46-piece orchestra providing the opening music as we creep cautiously into the monster melodic title track “Symphony Of Sin”. Impressive start. Once you survive this killer song, which clocks in at just over seven and a half minutes, we’re rocking as “Break The Silence” slaps the ears around.
The album has such a precise and complimentary sound throughout thanks to the expert hands of Dennis Ward’s mix. This can be experienced by listening to first single “Evil & Divine”, a cracking Melodic Hard Rock tune full of energy, awesome harmonies and first class fluid playing.

Track 4 “Unbreakable” goes even further: this is a wonderful hook laden emotive cut exercising the arts of rockin’ AOR, blended with rapid sharp yet polished riffs, an instant sing-a-long chorus along with Pete Newdeck’s robust drumming taking on smoother turns, creating an anthem driven feel with such a fine elegance full of grace.
Same can be said about the marching AOR of “Wings To Fly” later, and this observation is reiterated when you hear the ballad “Fallen From Grace” and the following song “Losing My Faith” (more edgy), which begins with a siren.
“Devil In Disguise” fulfills the lust of those looking for a bite of intensity and exuberant guitar riffery, yet will find out that within this melodic metal chugger there is a sweet peak moment with an enticing chorus and strongly edged soloing.
You have more of this kind on “Turn The Page” and “Where Is The Love?” inflamed with its melodic sensation, riff revelations corresponding between hard rock and melodic metal, and another enchanting display of Mijic’s soaring vocals.

EDEN'S CURSE - Symphony Of Sin (2013) back cover

Eden’s Curse make a triumphant return with their most cohesive batch of songs to date on “Symphony Of Sin”, mixing Hard Rock, Melodic Metal and rockin’ AOR with an enviable taste, majestic musicianship and first class songwriting.
This is a quite long record (over an hour) but it leaves you hungry for more. It’s that good.
In a year with such good releases it will be hard to displace “Symphony Of Sin” from the Top 10. Get your copy pronto.

01 – Symphony Of Sin
02 – Break The Silence
03 – Evil & Divine
04 – Unbreakable
05 – Fallen From Grace
06 – Losing My Faith
07 – Rock Bottom
08 – Great Unknown
09 – Turn The Page
10 – Sign Of The Cross
11 – Wings To Fly
12 – Devil In Disguise
13 – Where Is The Love?

Nikola Mijic – Vocals
Paul Logue – Bass
Pete Newdeck – Drums
Thorsten Koehne – Guitars
Steve Williams – Keyboards


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