CHASE THE ACE – Are You Ready? (2013)

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We have already presented hard rockers CHASE THE ACE earlier this year and their indie debut EP. The quality of the recording attracted England’s specialized label Z Records to release the band’s full length international debut “Are You Ready?”.

Originated from Israel where they have been active for more than ten years releasing 5 albums (including a live one) and played over 400 local gigs, Chase The Ace is now firmly established in Europe and touring unceasingly.
This group loves classic late ’80s American Hard Rock / Glam, a style that when you do it, you got to get it right, everything from the attitude to the music. For the most part, Chase The Ace gets the vibe right on “Are You Ready?”.
Your vocalist needs to capture the swagger both in sound and on stage, and Roi Vito Peleg gets it, having a natural raspy sneer in his voice. After this you need strong melodies, big hooks in lyrics & arrangements, a crushing rhythm section and ripping good guitar solos.
Well, you get this and a lot of it with 15 songs in 50 minutes on this CD.

CHASE THE ACE - Are You Ready? (2013) inside

There’s kickin’ fun numbers on “Rock Bottom Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Take Me Home”, title track “Are You Ready?” and the rather humorous “Burned Me Down”, all foot-tappin’ and catchy.
An interesting song is “California” which starts out with some sharp guitar licks only to move into this suspiciously heavy movement. You think the entire song will be weighed down by it, but then it shifts about three quarters in with Omer Schnider tearing up the fretboard. Actually, his guitar work is one true highlight of this album.
Chase The Ace throws in nice ballads to balance the record with “Change My Ways”, “Feel Like A Fool” and the bluesy “Bring You Back”, and then there’s a cool acoustic instrumental called “Morning Wood”.

CHASE THE ACE - Are You Ready? (2013) back cover

With good production and musicianship Chase The Ace delivers a bunch of short (mostly around the 3 minute mark), Hard Rock songs which sound familiar, but extremely effective and enjoyable.
“Are You Ready?” is a solid and entertaining interpretation of Eighties melodic American glammy Hard Rock for the new millennium.

01 – Are You Ready
02 – The Cat Is On The Loose
03 – Rock Bottom Rocknroll
04 – Made Out Of Ice
05 – Change My Ways
06 – California
07 – Dear Deamon
08 – Raise Your Glass
09 – Morning Wood
10 – Tapped Out
11 – Burned Me Down
12 – Bring You Back
13 – Take Me Home
14 – We’re Taking Over
15 – Feel Like A Fool

Roi Vito Peleg – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Omer Schnider – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Yair Gadon – Bass, Backing Vocals
Yam Artzy – Drums, Back Vocals

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