NIVA – Magnitude (2013)

NIVA - Magnitude (2013) full

Swedish singer Tony Niva is a veteran musician who started his musical career in 1987 fronting many cult bands such as Zanity, Axia and Swedish Erotica but he’s probably best known for being the lead singer in Lion’s Share. But Tony also runs his own band NIVA with two recordings under its belt, the first from 1994 featuring the collaboration of Europe’s drummer Ian Haugland.
Now he’s back with a brand new Niva album; “Magnitude”.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that they put into the drinks in Scandinavia, because these Swedish songwriters just seem to come up with endless amounts of melodies and hooks. Whatever it is, Tony Niva and his collaborators Roger Ljunggren and Marcus Persson are seriously infected by it.
Really ladies and gentlemen; “Magnitude” is a Melodic Hard Rock little gem.
Fans of Eclipse, Mr. BIG and Harem Scarem, you’ll be catapulted into heaven immediately when opening track “Never Too Late” blasts off. Tony roars in above those delicious keys with a swooping hook worthy of any of the ’80s greats.

Tony Niva is really at his best on this record: the more energetic the song, the more his voice gets to work with, and all of them are highlights: the guitar driven “Always Somewhere” has a nifty little bridge-into-chorus straight out of the Robert Sall songwriting manual, whilst “Spanish Lullaby” serves as the album’s mid-tempo AOR pleasure.

NIVA - Magnitude (2013) back cover

“Perfect Life” is at a more comfortable pitch, soaring through layered backing vocals in the chorus. There’s no hanging about with Niva; there’s no time to breathe as you dive back into the verse and another uplifting chorus.
“My First And Only One” has an interesting choice of key change in the chorus which fractures the song between it and the verse. “Just Another Heartache” is grittier with some minor sections blending well with major phrases. Niva also successfully conquers some great high notes and Ljunggren drops a hot solo.

Marcus Persson’s keys & synths are out in force on the happy AOR of “In A Misty Light” and, in places, it’s a powerful song. The solo captures the tone of the melody, drawing out tense notes all over. “Let It Shine” is another uplifting, hope-inspiring fist of a song.

“Magnitude” is a truly great Swedish Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album commanded by the expert in this matter Tony Niva.
This is a classy collection of songs in the strongest ’80s fashion efficiency but in the sweet melodic mood, very much like Last Autumn’s Dream, Crystal Blue or early Glory, with high doses of frontline keyboards and tasty riffage packed with intense and hot lead guitar chops.

Tony’s style reaches some high pitched vocals antics with great confidence and a perfect working vocal dynamics, like a valid mix between Tony Harnell and Mikael Erlandsson, while the rest of the band is precise and tight.
“Magnitude” is a must listen release for fans of the genre, filled with tons of hooks and highly infectious melodies with that typical special flavor: the trademark Swedich sing-along chorus mania & catchiness.
Highly Recommended.


01. Never Too Late
02. Perfect Life
03. My First And Only One
04. Just Another Heartache
05. In A Misty Light
06. Always Somewhere
07. Let It Shine
08. Spanish Lullaby
09. Do It Again
10. Never Say Goodbye
11. I Feel So Alone

Tony Niva (vocals)
Roger Ljunggren (guitar)
Marcus Persson (keyboards, backing vocals)
Jan Stål (bass)
Tomas Persic (drums)

Produced by Roger Ljunggren (ex- Grand Illusion)



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