HARDSHINE – So Far And So Close (2013)

HARDSHINE - So Far And So Close (2013) CD


HARDSHINE is a new Brazilian Melodic Hard Rock group initially started as a side project for guitarist Pedro Esteves and drummer Anderson Alarca, both from the metal band Liar Symphony. When Pedro met singer Leandro Cacoilo (Soulspell) at a workshop in 2009, they decided to fully develop the venture focused in a genre quite different from their metallic main acts: eighties / nineties MHR, the music they grow up with.
“So Far And So Close” is Hardshine’s debut to be distributed in Europe and USA soon.

During the vocal recordings, Leandro showed the basic tracks to bassist Bruno Ladislau (Andre Matos Band, ex- Angra) who immediately joined the band and through his contacts is negociating Hardshine’s international deal.
“So Far And So Close” is a mature, traditional melodic hard rock album with a modern edge and an European sound for the most part.
The songwriting is clearly early nineties structured and the musicianship tight and solid, driven by melodic riffs and a potent rhythm section.

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There’s muscular yet sonically polished numbers on “Do You Believe”, the ’80s US oriented title track “So Far and So Close” (reminds me Baton Rouge) and the groovy “Pay Your Sins”, but the rest of the material is much more melodious.
As example, “Now And Forever” sounds like nineties Alien, the ballad “Hard Way” brings to mind Pete Sandberg solo works, and the Scandi-like melodic rocker “Don’t Leave Me Now” is adorned with very nice keyboards in the background.
Same with “If You Wanna Fly”, the other US-styled tune here impregnated by some Tyketto via acoustic guitars, pianos, a toneful solo and soaring vocals.
Talking about Leandro Cacoilo, his singing is one of the highest values on this recording. The guy owns an educated, accent-free register warm when needed and dynamic on the uptempo numbers with some winks to Johnny Gioeli.

Apart from the solid and well arranged songs featured in “So Far And So Close”, what I really liked about this novel band is the really good, professional sound obtained via a crisp production and mix, above the bar for an indie release.
If you dig the European (spiced with some American) melodic hard rock from the beginning of the nineties, you will be pleasurably satisfied with Hardshine’s debut. Fans of second-era Alien, Pete Sandberg bands, Hardline, Tyketto and alikes need to check this one.

01 – Do You Believe
02 – Learn to Live
03 – Now and Forever
04 – Hard Way
05 – So Far and so Close
06 – Don’t Leave Me Now
07 – If You Wanna Fly
08 – Paradise
09 – Pay Your Sins
10 – Going Home

Leandro Cacoilo – Vocals
Pedro Esteves – Guitar
Bruno Ladislau – Bass
Anderson Alarca – Drums

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