GARY SCHUTT (Jeff Scott Soto) – Moving Parts (2013)

GARY SCHUTT (Jeff Scott Soto) - Moving Parts (2013) exclusive


Widely known for being Jeff Scott Soto’s guitarist for more than twenty years, GARY SCHUTT is a restless songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, studio session man and producer involved on many projects and pursuing a solid solo career.
Schutt has ready his brand new album “Moving Parts” to be released next December, presented exclusively here at 0dayrox.

This new CD includes twelve tracks plenty of heavy rock riffs, catchy hooks and guitars galore of course, really modern sounding yet with a foot strongly put on classic hard rock.
Schutt does everything on his own, even the singing (very well), so this album is all done by one man but with a focused ‘band output’ in mind featuring some truly meaty instrumentation full of energy and upbeat pace for the most part.
We have bouncy hard rockers on the cracking opener “A Million Miles An Hour”, “Until I See You Again”, “Invisible”, and the slightly dark “Fuel To The Fire”.

Gary goes for more melodic hard on the punchy ‘n catchy “Commodore 64” (a fun ode to old computers), the heavy funky overtones ala Extreme on “Pornipulation” and in the dynamic title track “Moving Parts” (awesome guitar work), one of my favorites here.
On “Gonna Die Trying” the bluesy soulful upbeat takes form in a vein of recent Richie Kotzen solo works, while the instrumentals “Lucky Penny” and “Weapons Hot” showcases Schutt’s mastery on the six strings. The former via a terrific tapping work, the latter in a ‘full band’ jam with some monster riffage and solos. His sound set-up and technique are a blast.

Much, much more than a guitarist album, “Moving Parts” is a varied, rocking and entertaining album from Gary Schutt. His vocals have grown into a melodic mid-range delivery rich in harmonies, while his dexterity on all instruments is quite enviable.
Of course the guitar work is first class, plenty of sharp riffs, clean solos, legato runs, tapping, hammer ons, pull offs and anything you could imagine in modern electric rock guitar. All used with taste and at the service of the ‘song format’.
Jeff Scott Soto knows ‘a little’ about talented guitar players and he has chosen Gary Schutt as main axeman for a reason. You can’t go wrong with “Moving Parts”.
Very Recommended.

01 – A Million Miles An Hour
02 – Half A World Away
03 – Gonna Die Trying
04 – The Precipice
05 – Until I See You Again
06 – Fuel To The Fire
07 – Commodore 64
08 – Pornipulation
09 – Invisible
10 – Lucky Penny
11 – Weapons Hot
12 – Moving Parts

Gary Schutt – all instruments, all vocals

Release date to be announced

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