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Current Primal Fear bass player and leader of SINNER – one of the essential ’80s metal German acts, wanted to reissue the band’s earlier albums but he doesn’t own the master tapes. Then Mat decided to re-record eleven of these songs from the period ’84-’97 and also include a new trio of tracks into the CD entitled “Touch Of Sin 2” which hits the streets today.

Apart from Mat Sinner handling bass and lead vocals, the present incarnation of Sinner includes Voodoo Circle / Primal Fear great axe slinger Alex Beyrodt, and the recording also features guest appearances by vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle), Erik Martensson (W.E.T.), former PF guitarist Tom Naumann (who was in Sinner throughout the nineties) among others.
Basically, the songs on “Touch Of Sin 2” work because are good songs, simple like that. Written 25 years ago when hard rock was no bullshit, just strong guitar work, easy & catchy choruses and feel-good vibe.
Take “Bad Girl” as one infectious example. After one play, you can sing along the tune to repeated plays. Straight and to the point hard ‘n heavy in the old fashioned way with an updated production.

SINNER - Touch Of Sin 2 (2013) back cover

The easy, repetitive and foot-tapping “Shout” is about as close as they get to full blown metal, with the vocals adopting a more aggressive, slightly gruff approach. “Danger Zone” makes you want to open a beer, sing, headbang to a band locked into that Teutonic groove.
There’s anthemic numbers like “Germany Rocks” (…stamp your feet / bang your head…), or the rapid “Lost in a Minute”, while classic hard -songwriting wise- cuts like “Born to Rock”, “Comin’ Out Fighting” and “Concrete Jungle” get new life from Mat and the current Sinner crew, with a modernized sound, yes, but typically eighties in essence.
The three new songs include two originals, “Blood On The Sand” and the double bass driven “Heat Of The City”, edgy and with a modern metal touch, while “Don’t Believe A Word” is a phenomenal cover of Thin Lizzy’s classic, a tad faster, but still capturing the liveliness and groove of the original. Mat Sinner is a longtime Phil Lynott fan, and his influence is spread very much all over this album.

“Touch Of Sin 2” is a fine introduction to Sinner’s early, almost impossible to find material, re-recorded with current tech but played with blood and an unmistakable ’80s spirit. As bonus, we have three brand new songs.
Really well arranged and produced, this CD may be a vintage brew, yet tasty as hell.
Crank it to 10 and Rock On.

01 – Born To Rock
02 – Comin’ Out Fighting
03 – Bad Girl
04 – Knife In My Heart
05 – Concrete Jungle
06 – Don’t Believe A Word [new track – Thin Lizzy cover]
07 – Shout
08 – Germany Rocks
09 – Danger Zone
10 – Emerald
11 – Blood On The Sand [new track]
12 – Lost In A Minute
13 – Masquerade
14 – Heat Of The City [new track]

Mat Sinner – Bass, Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar
Christof Leim – Guitar
Alex Scholpp – Guitar
Andre Hilgers – Drums

David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle) – Vocals
Erik Martensson (W.E.T.) – Vocals
Diego Valdez (Helker) – Vocals
Tom Naumann (ex- Primal Fear, Sinner) – Guitar
Henny Wolter (Primal Fear, Viva) – Guitars
Klaus Sperling (Primal Fear) – Drums

SINNER - Touch Of Sin 2 (2013) cd photo


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