ROCK IGNITION – Innocent Thing (2013)

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Female fronted German act ROCK IGNITION was founded seven years ago by Silent Force’s bass player Jurgen Steinmetz together with his girlfriend and singer Heather Shockley.
“Innocent Thing” is the band’s second recording, again mixed by Pink Cream 69 mastermind Dennis Ward, who also contributes with some musical guidance.

The melodic hard rock in Rock Ignition is clearly inspired by the eighties stylings. Having Dennis Ward supervising and mixing, a man with a reputable experience twiddling for Khymera, PC 69, Angra and Krokus records, Rock Ignition assured a thick, clear sound on “Innocent Thing”.
The music is melodic and bouncing with a solid rhythm section, respectable pipes by Shockley and a driving & complete guitar work by Fabian Dammer, a young (22) German axeman to keep an eye on.

The disc opens with title track “Innocent Thing”, a strong a modern (there’s some fuzz-box effect on the vocals) groovy hard rocker pumped by a mammoth bass line, sexy singing by Heather and where Dammer shows his versatile ability on the six-strings.
Up next is “Tell Me”, my pick here, displaying the band’s melodic rock heart ala Romeo’s Daughter. Rock Ignition hits its stride delivering an instantly memorable number with the kind of chorus that only needs a few spins before you will be belting it out. The song also put a spotlight on Heather Shockley’s warm, somewhat unpolished vocals reminding me in many ways of those of Sandi Saraya with a bit of Lita Ford thrown in.

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And while on the subject of Saraya, with groove monster “One Love” Rock Ignition really moves in this territory and perhaps some Laos before turning things down a notch with the gentle, brooding balladry of “In The Light” that has touches of fellow German rockers Scorpions and a middle section recalling early Yngwie, yet with a female throat.
Finishing things off in style is the fists-in-the-air beat of “Streets Of New York”, a convincing hard rock stomp that got me nodding my head. The solo blazes, the drums pulse, and Heather Shockley pulls out some genuinely interesting vocal moves.

I never have enough good female fronted melodic hard rock to please my ears, and “Innocent Thing” amply fulfills its purpose in this matter.
Rock Ignition owns the intensity to success in grand scale, let’s hope they find the necessary support and release a full length album soon.
Fans of quality FF Melodic Hard Rock who long for well played & hook laden songs have another act worthy of their attention.

1. Innocent Thing
2. Tell Me
3. One Love
4. In The Light
5. Streets Of New York

Heather Shockley – vocals
Fabian Dammers – guitars
Jurgen Steinmetz – bass
Siggi Grutz – drums

ROCK IGNITION - Innocent Thing (2013) back cover


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