SANDNESS – Like An Addiction (2013)

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There is steady effervescence in the Italian metal-related scene, ranging from power, prog metal acts to hard rock, AOR and glam / sleazy bands. New rockers SANDNESS from Rovereto squarely fits into the last category with their debut CD “Like An Addiction”, just released in the US by Perris Records.

The trio comprising Mark Denkley on vocals & bass, guitarist Robby Luckets and drummer Metyou ToMeatyou (!) started to work in 2008 and released a couple of demos, toured central Europe including the renowned ‘Glam Fest’ in France and opened for Adam Bomb, L.A. Guns and Michael Monroe, not strange at all because their sound is absolutely inspired by these kind of artists.
In “Like An Addiction” these young musicians try to bring back to life the ’80s glammy style of the Californian movement, akin Ratt, Motley Crue, Shout, Poison and L.A. Guns in a lesser degree. But overall they strongly remind me Vain, singer Davy Vain’s band.

SANDNESS - Like An Addiction (2013) band

However, Sandness output is much more polished and really melodic at places, still retaining the sleazy vibe without the dirt. Some songs are pretty naive with party, sex & drugs lyrics, but they got the right sound, ’80s straight up from the get go point.
What I Iiked particularly from these guys are the choruses, simple and dry, yet really catchy to my ears. “Bad Things Cause Bad Things”, “Don’t Drop” and “Dreamin’ Is My Way” are where they use this ‘shout’ type of vocals and works really well.
More uptempo, hard rockin’ tunes like “Darkness Around Me” and “No One Lives Until The Dawn” are the ones where the sleazy arises together with an aggressive guitar attack, same with the punkish “Drinkin’ Wine Under The Bridge”, the only song I dislike.
“Shake My Dancin’ Soul” is quite heavy as well, this time displaying a little tuned-down guitar riffs which adds a welcomed variation, and a nice pyro-like solo.
There’s a good, short instrumental in “Lia”, and follower “Pay What You Say” features interesting acoustic guitars accompanying from time to time the electrics, the chorus is melodious and the solo one of the best of the disc.

Sandness is a new promising glammy, sleazy American ’80s sounding trio with no other pretension than deliver a fun and entertaining bunch of party-ready songs on “Like An Addiction”.
They feed these tracks with hot guitar riffs, urgent rhythmic base and a right voice for the style, and while the three members still got to grow in some aspects, they already nailed this musical genre and have put it out a worth checking debut.
If you like the bands in the Perris Records roster, Sandness fits like a glove there, and you will enjoy “Like An Addiction” for sure.

01 – Artificial Lover
02 – Bad Things Cause Bad Things
03 – Don’t Drop
04 – Darkness Around Me
05 – Dreamin’ Is My Way
06 – Lia
07 – Pay What You Say
08 – Drinkin’ Wine Under The Bridge
09 – No One Lives Until The Dawn
10 – Lay Your Hair Down
11 – Shake My Dancin’ Soul

Mark Denkley – vocals, bass
Robby Luckets – guitar, vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou – drums, backing vocals

SANDNESS - Like An Addiction (2013) CD


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