TONY CAREY’s PLANET P PROJECT – Steeltown (2013)

TONY CAREY's PLANET P PROJECT - Steeltown (2013) mp3 download


Since him left left Rainbow in 1977, one of the more interesting side projects of TONY CAREY was the PLANET P PROJECT, a vehicle for some of his more progressive stuff yet quite commercial as well, even with some videos from the first two albums (1983-84) receiving moderate airplay on MTV when originally released.
Tony took up the project again during the 2000’s with the trilogy Go Out Dancing, and now is back with a new effort entitled “Steeltown”.

Carey decided – after 30 years de project started – to blend the ‘Tony Carey solo artist sound’ with the Planet P progressive leans, so this time the moniker is ‘Tony Carey Planet P Project’.
So, “Steeltown” mix Carey’s melodies known from his solo albums with the atmosphere of the last Planet P works, which to my ears, on many places is what Pink Floyd would sound like if Roger Waters were still in the band.
There’s some uptempo numbers interspersed, however this is a relaxed, introspective work with Carey handling most the instruments. The additional performers are uncredited, but there’s rumours that TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro has recorded on some tracks.

“Steeltown” it’s quite different than what is been released in prog today, where it relies on lyrical composition rather than virtuosity and large instrumental passages. Here you find songs around the four minutes.
The music borders somewhere between rock and atmospheric prog, making it quite accessible for those that enjoy melodic song-based spacey music with interesting lyrics. It does take several listens before it really sinks in but when it does, you’ll find an uplifting recording.
Check the video below to get the idea (though these aren’t the strongest songs).
Good, intriguing, different stuff.

01 – Onwards
02 – On The Side Of The Angels
03 – If There’s a Way
04 – Steeltown
05 – The Lady Fair
06 – Heavy Water
07 – The Moon Is Down
08 – Daddy’s Girl
09 – Sailor’s Song


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