SILVER LAKE – Every Shape And Size (2013)

SILVER LAKE - Every Shape And Size (2013)  download mp3


We have presented here SILVER LAKE’s self titled promising debut some time ago, and now the Italian combo from Rimini are releasing today its successor entitled “Every Shape And Size”.
The CD title is quite adequate as the band has added a new dimension to their style & sound visiting more diverse musical grounds than on the first CD.

“Every Shape And Size” sees Silver Lake still retaining the European hard rock nerve of their origins but now incorporating a strong progressive -sometimes prog metal- arrangements and approach to these new songs.
The band has improved in all aspects; less accented vocals, better harmony choruses, and an overall tight sound. Giovanni Matichecchia’s guitar riffs and solos are more intense than before and the rhythm section clearer.
The album opens with “Invisibile To The Eye”, a quite particular song as start with a muscular instrumental counterpart between guitars and keys, and then after the minute mark the vocals kick in straight with the chorus. It’s an uptempo hard rocker yet with double-bass rapid drumming typical of prog metal. Also in the middle there’s a nice atmospheric break ’till the competent solo gets loose. Interesting blend for sure.
“Hold Me Close” follows with a strong keyboard presence, good refrain and a marching chorus.

Pace slows down in the stylized “Shaping The Scarlet Flame”, where Queensryche comes to mind. This band’s influence and their well known fusion between hard rock / metal / progressive is a notorious characteristic in this Silver Lake second album. This is clearly heard in the highly melodious “Guardian Demon” (nice riff and ‘big’ bass line), “Escaping from This Town” (Queensryche circa 1990) and the semi-ballad adorned with dark pianos “Dorian”.
The slow -not a ballad as talks about the death of a close friend of the band- “58” is mostly acoustically based both in guitars and ivory, quite melancholy and almost ethereal during the middle piano part.
There’s more prog metal infused numbers like the good instrumental “The Illusion” which precedes “Basic”, a busy melodic prog metal (not too heavy) inspired by early Dream Theater.

“Every Shape And Size” is a step forward for Silver Lake, showing a band in constant musical evolution.
The album’s title sums up their new direction, more ambitious and comprehensive trying to blend diverse metal related styles into a distinctive own sound. The group still need to find the spark to make some songs more instantly engaging, but for the most part these young guys succeed through this recording with solid songwriting and accomplished musicianship.
A varied, interesting release worth to investigate.

01. Invisibile To The Eye
02. Hold Me Close
03. Shaping The Scarlet Flame
04. Guardian Demon
05. The Illusion
06. Basic
07. “58”
08. Escaping From This Town
09. Nowhere At All
10. Dorian

Davide Bertozzi: vocals
Giovanni Matichecchia: guitar
Riccardo Fabbri: keyboards
Luigi Rignanese: bass
Andrea Urbinati: drums


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