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Bavarian rockers POWERWORLD born by bassist Ilker Ersin’s initiative after leaving Freedom Call in 2005. He wrote every song, produced the demos and searched for the right musicians to complete the project.
The band released two albums quite heavy oriented (with different line-up) which not aroused much interest to my ears, but when I read sometime ago that ex- Jaded Heart Michael Bormann was chosen as new singer, I knew I ought to investigate…
“Cybersteria” is the just unleashed new CD by PowerWorld, exploring new musical territories from Euro melodic metal to modern hard rock with a progressive touch.

What I liked in this ‘new’ PowerWorld is the musical atmosphere and the theme focus. Ersin’s vision still shows few power metal overtones but most of the material here is inspired by classic -really melodic- metal & hard rock wrapped with a really modern approach through ever present synths & keyboards and effects.
Though, the guitars are main driving force of these mostly midtempo meaty tunes, and of course, Michael Bormann’s raspy Jorn meets Coverdale tone of voice which fits like a glove.
By any means a conceptual album, the lyrics are very important on this record. The leitmotif is the impact of the gradual digitalization on society and a point of view of how social networks like Facebook or Twitter have the opposite effect of what they suggest: they make people grow lonely. Hence the album’s title: ‘cyber’ and ‘hysteria’.
So, the songs talk about the search for freedom by disconnecting or escaping from the cyber-domination, somewhat reminding George Orwell’s ‘1984’ book or the Matrix movies, and so is the cover artwork of the album.

Sonically, “Cybersteria” is modern and polished, yet structurally is truly classic.
Opener “Children Of The Universe” adequately sets the one of the album: a solid hard rocker carried by a groovy guitar riff, midpaced during the verses and then up during the chorus. There’s deep bass lines, keys creating atmosphere and some huge backing vocals.
Then “Slave to the Powerworld” somehow reminds me Jaded Heart in the Bormann era, quite catchy and moving, with interesting lyrics of how powerful and at the same time merciless the world of the Internet has become.
“Back On Me” is perhaps the more classic hard rock and instant track, highly articulate and melodic, rich in keyboards and with Bormman’s inflections dominating the scene. Another one in this vein is the catchy “Like A Shadow” sporting a contagious chorus.
The album’s rising star, “Coast Of Tears”, is an aching, hooking, slow to midtempo rumpus of emotional distress, mixing balladesque with powerful riffing, orchestrated keyboards and impressive vocals, followed by the cheerful major chords of “Black Ash”, a really melodious track.
Title track “Cybersteria” is also notable for its great and unusual riff adorned with modern cyber-keys, while the darker “Not Bound to the Evil” finds inspiration in eighties European melodic metal, in the less heavy side of the spectre.

“Cybersteria” offers solid rocking melodies more eighties inspired than it seems at first sight due the modern production and sonic approach.
Basically, this material is built over classic hard rock patterns along with an expressional version of Euro melodic metal, never too heavy but melodious and powerful at places. Musicianship is strong, you have the always effective (and a pleasure listen to) Michael Bormann and a quite interesting theme, all enhanced by a crisp production.
Take PowerWorld’s advice; log-out from your Facebook session, put “Cybersteria” on you CD player and enjoy.

01 – Children of the Universe
02 – Slave to the Powerworld
03 – Back on Me
04 – World Knows Your Secrets – Virtuality
05 – You Gotta Hold On
06 – Am I Digital?
07 – Coast of Tears
08 – Black Ash
09 – Like a Shadow
10 – Cybersteria
11 – You Will Find a Way
12 – Not Bound to the Evil

Michael Bormann (ex- Jaded Heart, Bonfire) – Vocals
Ilker Ersin (ex- Freedom Call) – Bass
Andreas Rippelmeier – Guitar
Marco Grashoff – Keyboards, Effects
Guido Gallus – Drums


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