MAT SINNER – Back To The Bullet [re-release remastered] (2013)

MAT SINNER - Back To The Bullet [re-release remastered] (2013) mp3 download


Talented (and at this time quasi-legendary) singer, songwriter and lately producer MAT SINNER has been doin’ his thing since the early ’80s from his own band Sinner to Voodoo Circle, Wolfpakk or Primal Fear. Surprisingly enough Mat only has released a solo album in his entire career, at the time when he momentarily left Sinner (the band). That was in 1990, and “Back To The Bullet” the title of the CD only released in Germany.
Next June 21, “Back To The Bullet” will be re-released with a world-wide distribution, completely re-designed cover artwork/booklet and with a great remastering job by Achim Köhler (Primal Fear) giving to every Melodic Hard Rock fan the opportunity to finally get this true gem which was out of print for many years.

“Back To The Bullet” is Mat Sinner’s finest work (much, much better than any of his bands / projects), and one of my favorite Melodic Hard Rock albums ever. Period.
This is a real corker, a pure expression of the genre much taking inspiration from the best of late ’80s US stadium polished MHR and Hair Metal garnished with an European punch.
Take note this recording was engineered & co-produced by Albert Boekhold (Treat, Magnum), responsible for Treat’s ‘Dreamhunter’, another all time favorite. Precisely that album is what “Back To The Bullet” sound recalls: Treat and his mix of Euro / Scandi melodious hard aiming to the US market.

All track are killers; from catchy numbers with stratospheric choruses like the awesome “Every Second Counts”, “In The Name Of Rock’n’Roll”, the bliss of “Down Undercover” or the melodic heaven of bonus track “She’s Got The Look”, to crunchy hard rockers such as title track “Back To The Bullet”, “Wildest Dreams” and the anthemic “Tear Down The Wall”.
There’s a terrific mid-tempo in “Face To Face” (a monster), a great ballad in the form of the Swedish sounding “Call My Name” and even a cover of the R&B / Soul family-band The Osmonds, a 1972 hit called “Crazy Horses” turned, indeed, into a crazy, catchy, funny hard rocker with a chugging guitar work.

Fans of pure, BIG, anthemic, polished, crisp-produced Melodic Hard Rock, do yourself an immense favor: get this superb remaster / re-release of “Back To The Bullet” pronto.

01 – Back To The Bullet
02 – Tear Down The Wall
03 – Every Second Counts
04 – Call My Name
05 – Crazy Horses
06 – In The Name Of Rock’n’Roll
07 – Wildest Dreams
08 – Down Undercover
09 – Face To Face
10 – Crying In The Wires
11 – She’s Got The Look (bonus track)

Mat Sinner – Vocals, Guitar
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar
Tom Naumann – Guitar
Frank Rössler – Keyboards
Tommy Geiger – Bass
Tommy Resch – Drums

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