MARKONEE – Club Of Broken Hearts (2013)

MARKONEE - Club Of Broken Hearts (2013)


Hailing from Italy, MARKONEE was founded in 1999 by guitarist Stefano Peresson -also in Danger Zone- and have released two albums to date with a sound pretty close to their influences (Winger, Ratt, Warrant, Firehouse, Pink Cream 69) which gives them the chance to tour mainland Europe and the UK to showcase their material in front of audiences and performing with Gotthard, Winger, Molly Hatchet, Y&T and L.A. Guns among others.
While they might not be a household name yet into the Melodic Hard Rock global community, their third effort “Club Of Broken Hearts” to be released at the end of this month has everything needed to catch the fans of the genre by storm.

Straight-up this is guitar driven melodic hard rock with edgy moments spreading sweet licks, great leads, bouncy rhythm section and a singer that seems like he’s been custom built out of the spare parts of many hair metal vocalists of yesteryear.
The straightforward riffs and point/counterpoint solos with an ’80s spirit are infused with well placed keyboard fills giving the whole thing a really melodious feeling.
Check out “Angel, She Kept Me Alive”, “Piper Sniper” and title track “Club of Broken Hearts” for the attention to melodic hard rock hooks a la Gotthard and Pink Cream 69, if siphoned through a deeper Whitesnake angle.
There’s catchy numbers in “Native European” and “It’s 25, Beth!”, then more American sounding tracks like “I Say No (To the V Words)”, the groovy “Big Blue Iceberg”, the radio friendly “Snake Charmed” and the hair metal ode “”J.E.S.U.S.”, all kickin’, moving tracks.
The very good ballad “Never Ever Loved Me” features 3 guest appearances, most surprising the piano work of Michele Luppi (Vision Divine) plus an interesting horn & violin section which gives to the tune an original delivery, while Alessio Trapella has the opportunity to showcase a compelling, emotional performance.

If you didn’t get enough of the ’80s Melodic Hard Rock scene, Markonee is here to satisfy your apettite.
These 12 tracks are full of hooks and those oh-so-sweet moments that even the most rigid metalhead has to let their guard down some and just get into the groove of things. All is really catchy and melodic, benefited by the crisp production, mix & mastering of Roberto Priori (Danger Zone, Wheels Of Fire).

01. Native European
02. I Say No (To The V Words)
03. Club Of Broken Hearts
04. Piper Sniper
05. Never Ever Loved Me
06. Snake Charmed
07. Angel, She Kept Me Alive
08. Big Blue Iceberg
09. Rock City
10. Shaken ‘n’ Stirred
11. It’s 25, Beth!
12. J.E.S.U.S.

Alessio Trapella – Vocals
Stefano Peresson – Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Carlo Bevilacqua – Guitars, Baking Vocals
Luigi “JJ” Frati – Bass, Baking Vocals
Ivano Zanotti – Drums

Special Guests :
Michele Luppi – Piano on “Never Ever Loved Me”
Germano Giusti – Horn solo on “Never Ever Loved Me”
Alessandro Cosentino – Violins on “Never Ever Loved Me”


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