HEADLESS (Goran Edman) – Growing Apart (2013)

HEADLESS (Goran Edman) - Growing Apart (2013) download mp3


HEADLESS is classic hard rock band from Avezzano, Italy, formed during the nineties by guitarists Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente. After few line-up changes the band released an EP and then a full-lenght before split-up, but both musicians rejoined forces some years ago, resurrected Headless, and started composing songs and recording.
Some weeks ago two advanced tracks were presented here at 0dayrox, and now we have the full CD released; “Growing Apart”.

This new Headless incarnation features two stellar musicians completing the band: no other than Swedish legend Göran Edman (Yngwie, John Norum Band and countless more) and the sophisticated drumming of Queensrÿche’s Scott Rockenfield.
“Growing Apart” fuses traditional European melodic hard rock with some progressive elements driven by the solvent twin guitar work of Cianciusi and Parente, with Rockenfield adding his distinctive rhythm patterns.
Scott Rockenfield really has enhanced this material as his fills & beats are far from ordinary giving to the songs dynamic nuances.
And of course, having Goran Edman, the effective vocals parts are granted. This man does not stop to surprise as he feels so natural everywhere, either on the uptempo rockers as on the more melodious moments.

There’s some radiant moments on this record in songs like “God Of Sorrow And Grief”, “No Happy Ending”, the sonically broken “Be Myself” and “Sink Deep In A Fairytale”, the latter a clear example of how Headless injects catchy rock groove sensibility into a song.
The bouncy “The Backstabbers Around Us” (a highlight) and the bluesy “Nero Fantasies” directly go for old school melodic hard rock, even more “Calf Love” (with satirical lyrics) which has a psychedelic contagious melody somehow rememberig me Cheap Trick’s ‘trippy’ moments.
In “Primetime” -with a soaring vocal job by Goran- and title track “Growing Apart” where Rockenfield’s drumming particularly rocks, is were we hear more progressive hard rock focused elements showing Cianciusi and Parente’s ability and deep knowledge of the genre.
The album closes with a nice cover of the Rolling Stones hit “As Tears Go By” re-worked as a sweet acoustic ballad, featuring a so sublte (and really good) Edman performance where barely you’ll notice that it’s him at the mic. This man is chameleon… what a great singer.

“Growing Apart” grabs you immediately, but after repeated listens is when you fully appreciate how good it is musically.
There’s a varied, solid songwriting, arrangements & guitar playing by Headless’ masterminds Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente, but they also have hit the nail choosing Goran Edman and Scott Rockenfield to perform their music. Both add that necessary ‘touch of class’ to these songs elevating the final product a bar above the average.
The only thing I dislike in this very good album is the annoying cover art (more after seeing the excellent one in the advanced single), but believe me, the rest of “Growing Apart” -including production- is truly juicy. A minor point, as at the end of the day, the really important thing is the music, and you’ll not be disappointed here.
Very Recommended.

01 – God of Sorrow and Grief
02 – Primetime
03 – Nero Fantasies
04 – Calf Love
05 – The Backstabbers Around Us
06 – Be Myself
07 – Growing Apart
08 – Sink Deep in a Fairytale
09 – No Happy Ending
10 – As Tears Go By

Göran Edman – Vocals
Walter Cianciusi – Guitars
Dario Parente – Guitars, Bass
Scott Rockenfield – Drums, Percussion


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