BURNING RAIN – ST [Re-Release + Bonus] (2013)

BURNING RAIN - ST [Re-Release + Bonus] (2013) mp3 download


Accompanying the new BURNING RAIN cd, Frontiers Records has re-released the band’s first two albums originally released in 1999 and 2000: “Burning Rain” and “Pleasure To Burn”, including as bonus two previously unreleased tracks each.
Both are classic hard rock scorchers with a bluesy vibe all the way, with current Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich showing his chops as guitarist and songwriter. Based on these two albums, it was a no-brainer for David Coverdale to choose him as his wingman.

The rest of the band comprised of Ian Mayo on bass, Alex Makarovich on drums and co-songwriter & singer singer Keith St John.
This self titled debut “Burning Rain” is a superb, highly-overlooked classic opening with the smashing modern day Whitesnake-like “Smooth Locomotion” featuring a kickin’ rhythm section and monster riffs over which St John does his best Plant/Coverdale impersonation with great style.
The same can be said about pretty much the rest of the album. As long as you like groovy hard rock, then you will love the “Burning Rain”.

There’s some American sleazy strut ‘n’ swagger in “Jungle Queen” (which lies somewhere between Tesla and the bluesy side of Guns N Roses) and more Whitesnake-evoking smoothness in the likes of “Making My Heart Beat” and “Heaven’s Garden”, a pompous swing in “Cherry Grove” and a melodious joyride on “Superstar Train”.
Showcasing his skills to stunning effect throughout, Aldrich pulls off some truly incandescent solos on the likes of “Fool No More”, “Can’t Cure The Fire” and “Tokyo Rising”, while St John’s vocals have a lush richness that very much echoes Coverdale at his finest.
The slow, semi-midtempo ballad (which recalls Extreme but also Hardline) “Can’t Turn Your Back On Love” is one the highlights of the album, just listen the awesome sustained electric solo.

The two bonus tracks are worthy added-value extras: an acoustic, stripped take on “Smooth Locomotion” with more organic harmony vocals, and “Can’t Turn Your Back On Love” also acoustically treated, displaying even more emotion in its delivery.
“Burning Rain” is a killer, prime classic Hard Rock album essential in your collection.

01 – Smooth Locomotion
02 – Superstar Train
03 – Jungle Queen
04 – Making My Heart Beat
05 – Fool No More
06 – Cherry Grove
07 – Can’t Cure The Fire
08 – Can’t Turn Your Back On Love
09 – Heaven’s Garden
10 – Tokyo Rising
11 – Seasons Of Autumn
12 – Smooth Locomotion [Acoustic] (bonus track)
13 – Can’t Turn Your Back On Love [Acoustic] (bonus track)

Keith St John – vocals
Doug Aldrich
Ian Mayo – bass
Alex Makarovich – drums

BURNING RAIN - ST [Re-Release + Bonus] (2013) back cover


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