7TH HEAVEN – Synergy (2013)

7TH HEAVEN - Synergy (2013) mp3 download

Synergy” is particular album in 7TH HEAVEN career, as it’s their first CD including a regular 12 track running order instead the twenty +plus the band used to offer on previous releases.
It also marks the debut of new singer Anthony Fedorov, and if some fans were worried about the band’s future let me tell you this guy is even better and melodic in his vocal delivery, equipping these new songs with a refreshed feel-good vibe.

One of the most prolific indie groups in the world, 7th Heaven have more than 700(!) songs recorded & published as most of the five members are accomplished songwriters. 7th Heaven manages themselves all the aspects of their art, so they always felt free to include a huge bunch of tracks (double Cd’s) into every release.
In a wise move, this time the guys opted for a more digestible format for “Synergy” trimming a little of the fat and choosing the best songs from their fertile pen. After the too poppy last album Pop Media, 7th Heaven now has taken the best pumping elements from there and have blended it with their trademark modern melodic rock style of the past.

So you have here a bright, custom built album for summers, sunshine and beach parties with catchy melodies but much more consistent than before. Songs like “We Live Life Young”, “Take My Heart (Do It All Again)”, “I’ll Be Waiting” or the midtempo “Rhianna” are extremely melodious, instant radio friendly rock&pop tunes.
But the guys haven’t lost their melodic rock heart and that’s heard in the Def Leppard circa ‘X’ riffs & beats of “Never Gonna Bring Me Down”, “Live On” and “Pages”, there’s shades of Rick Springfield in “Light Up The World” and even in “Counting The Days” they remind me some acts from the new wave of the Swedish Melodic Rock scene. All ear candy stuff.
The only track I dislike here is the boy-band-like “Why Ya Gotta Be Like That”, but fortunately it only runs less than three minutes and it’s placed at the end of the disc, so you can push the stop button after track 11.

If you like 7th Heaven, “Synergy” won’t disappoint you as the band keeps delivering what their fans really wanted and hoped. If you’re new to them expect shaky rhythms and sticky choruses professionally written, played and produced.
Mixing light melodic rockers with easy to the ear solid rock&pop tunes, “Synergy” is a fun, feel-good summertime disc specially designed for the season which has just started yesterday…


01. We Live Life Young
02. Pages
03. Never Gonna Bring Me Down
04. Counting The Days
05. Rhianna
06. Power Of Love
07. Take My Heart (Do It All Again)
08. Live On
09. Light Up The World
10. I Begin Again
11. I’ll Be Waiting
12. Why Ya Gotta Be Like That

Richard Hofherr – Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Nick Cox – Guitar, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey – Drums
Anthony Fedorov – Lead Vocals



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