SMALL JACKETS - IV (2013) mp3 download


Italian quartet SMALL JACKETS were formed in 2000 when drummer Danny ‘Savanas’ met singer and rhythm guitar player Lu Silver. Danny was a session man who had previously played for several years as the official drummer in the recording projects of the eclectic Paul Chain, while Lu was vocalist in Three Hairy Fairies.
The band’s new CD “IV” is obviously their fourth offering, a fun and rocking ten-track disc.

Small Jackets plays ass kickin’, classic hot rock ‘n roll. With seventies riffs recalling Montrose and eighties traditional hard rock structures, their songs are instantly likeable and as said: fun.
This is Classic Rock, pure and simple, played with intense feeling and recorded in the old fashioned way.
The amp valves start heating with short intro “Bridgehead” to fully spread the energetic riffs of “Ball ‘N Chain”, a hard rocker with more in common with the very first Motley Crue than seventies rock. The same vibe drives “Black Beauty” showcasing some very catchy Ted Nugent feel.
Right after, “Trouble Blues” infuses a dash of moving whisky soaked Southern Rock in the vein of Molly Hatchet or Blackfoot, followed by the unstoppable refrain of “What We (Feel)”, a truly Classic Rock song (and one of the best) with a great foot-tapping rhythm.
“Wanderlust” adds variation through its very melodic line in a charming Thin Lizzy approach (very nice, warm sound), while “Hellraiser” and “Mama Said” dial up raunchy guitar licks and vocals with a bluesy swagger that will appeal to any fan of vintage Aerosmith, Free or even modern act Rival Sons.

Small Jackets have a real grip on classic rock / hard rock sounds from the early years, sounding more American than many US-born acts in this vein.
These guys only want to rock, and they rock good. There’s many bands nowadays reviving this style, but few capturing the real feel-good vibe and traditional sound of the genre.
Add Small Jackets and “IV” to this selected list, an unpretentious but rockin’ bunch of classic-saluting riffs and catchy hooks.

01 – Bridgehead
02 – Ball ‘N Chain
03 – Black Beauty
04 – Trouble Blues
05 – What We (Feel)
06 – Heard It On The X
07 – Wanderlust
08 – Hellraiser
09 – Mama Said
10 – The Wall Of Sound

Lu Silver – Vocals, Guitar
Eddy Current – Guitar
Mark Oak – Bass
Danny Savanas – Drums


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