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The first time the major public heard about PAMELA MOORE was when Queensrÿche recruited the lady from her own band to be the voice of Sister Mary on ‘Operation: Mindcrime’. This album, a milestone in Rock music history, allowed us to discover her incredible voice and alluring beauty that went note for note with a young Geoff Tate.
Now, Pamela Moore has a new solo album out on Rat Pak Records titled “Resurrect Me” which took four years to complete.

“Resurrect Me” is a metal album conceived in a timeless fashion, this meaning with the spirit of the classy stylings of the genre wrapped by a modern sound. Pamela vocals are the star here, strong as ever with a solid personality shining throughout, accompanied by a sharp instrumental work by several outstanding musicians.
But the album is basically a collaboration between Moore and Michael Posch, a terrific guitar player (who also handles bass and keyboards) a musician who made noise as a founding member of Century Media artists Radakka, and was hand-picked by Moore while living in Chicago.
All start with the heavy hitter “Acquiescent” and sets the tone with Moore proving she has a voice to stun. Then “Melt Into You” quickly hits the speakers next with perfectly timed up in your grill riffs from the very talented guitar of Michael Posch. Moore’s voice takes a backseat to no one in rock nor does Poschs’ solo work.
Song three “Paranoia” slows the pace a little. It’s a groovy, dark rocker with some electronics throwed-in with a clear ’80s Queensrÿche influence, just listen the chorus. Sharp riff and dense rhythm section in a haunting melody makes this one a personal favorite.
“We Are Damaged” is a playful, teasing tune built around a steamy, sultry bass riff and has again Posch building the track over another powerful riff. Pam sounds more melodious here, somehow epic, singing very good lyrics talking about the false seduction of large goverments and corporations.

Title track “Resurrect Me” is one of the highlights. The first half of the song is like a lullaby, with Moore’s bright vocalizations over clean guitars and keys in the background. Then gets heavier and catchy via more layered vocals, razor guitars and synth-strings. This song gives you chills right down the spine… think ‘the real’ Queensrÿche blended with Savatage. Outstanding track.
“The Sky Is Falling” rocks strongly but in a different way than before, it’s almost catchy yet dark at the same time. I swear I thought that might have been Geoff Tate dueting on this song but I had to remember it is Ralf Scheppers of Primal Fear.
We have Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) adding his skills to the guitar solo on “Awakening”, with Moore unleashing her force in this mid-tempo, strong tune again recalling Queensrÿche’s best era in a slightly Earstern feel. The end with Pamela wailing in her full three and half octaves is simply killer.

“Breaking Down” is another highlight, one of the songs of the year. This ballad?, no, call it slow rocker, is full of emotion, top class vocals and a supreme melody
painted by clean guitars, minimal percussion and the excellent keyboard contribution by acclaimed keyboardist Brooke Lizotte. The solo is top notch, this guy Michael Posch is second to none!
“Desperate By Design” up things again with a titan riff and a fierce rhythm. It smacks you in the face kind of like how ‘The Needle Lies’ was for Pamela and Geoff after they sung on ‘Suite Sister Mary’. Short and effective song.
Last track “Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)” is the epic ending to a great CD from start to finish. Posch shreds while blending with Pamela’s acrobatic vocals. She combines here melody and aggression with equal mastery.

This is one of the best metal albums fronted by a female singer I heard in a long time. Of course, we are talking about a terrific singer, teacher, a complete musician in her game.
“Resurrect Me” shows off Moore’s range and she shines throughout, the emotion the lady can display on a recording is quite unique. The entire CD flows along perfectly with its softer songs placed nicely amongst the corrosive rockers resulting in a dynamic showcase of her talented pipes. If Pamela isn’t in your top voices in rock right now, she will be after listening to this album.
Also she’s unearthed a gem in guitarist Michael Posch, a superb six-string slinger plenty of good taste, able to liquify your brains with monster riffs & soaring solos and then surprise you with extraordinarily melodious parts.
Don’t be scared by the ‘metal’ tag, this is indeed a metal album but will appeal all rock aficionados. It’s pushing, aggressive at times but extremely melodic. All is cleverly arranged, played and produced with detail and precision.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Acquiescent
02 – Melt Into You
03 – Paranoia
04 – We Are Damaged
05 – Resurrect Me
06 – The Sky Is Falling
07 – Awakening
08 – Breaking Down
09 – Desperate By Design
10 – Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)

Pamela Moore – Vocals
Michael Posch – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) – guest Vocals
Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) – guest Guitar
Brooke Lizotte – guest Keyboards


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