LAZY BONEZ – Vol. 1 (2013)

LAZY BONEZ - Vol. 1 (2013) mp3, download
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We told you in the previous posts, there’s an avalanche of releases from Finland lately, although this one surfaced some weeks ago: LAZY BONEZ and their debut “Vol.1”.
LAZY BONEZ were formed in early 2012 by members (and friends) from Tarot, ETTR and D-Cayed as a pastime band. These guys main groups are placed in the heavy metal territory, so they wanted to compose and play – just for fun – some material musically oriented to their youth heroes: ’80s hard rock / traditional hard ‘n heavy classics.

The project was gradually becoming more and more serious and as the songs came out naturally, soon they got a bunch of well polished rockers and they decided to record them in a professional way.
Some well known names agreed to collaborate  Udo Dirkschneider (ex-Accept), Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) Stefan Schwarzmann (Krokus, Accept) and MC Raaka Pee (Turmion Kätilöt), turning things even more varied and fun.
The result is, indeed, really fun and enjoyable.

“Vol. 1” is pure eighties styled hard rock, sometimes leaning Euro hard ‘n heavy from the same era. All songs are catchy, appealing, plenty of melody and punch.
“Stainless Steel” is pure mid-eighties Ozzy Osbourne (check that Jake E Lee-like kick-ass riff!), “First To Go / Last To Know” is an adorable razor hard rocker recalling the great days of melodious Accept with Dirkschneider and Kietala dueting in grand form (I just love this), and “M.I.L.F.” should be included in this style too sporting a really contagious chorus.
“Written In The Sky” is one of my favorites, a keyboard driven melodic hard rocker with all the ’80s magic and discovering me in MC Raaka Pee a singer to investigate.

“Frozen Love” is another winner, a midtempo with incisive guitar work much in the vein of Pretty Maids – one of the most influential acts ever in the European hard rock scene – while “Got A Soul” is a lovable rocker with dynamic guitars, surround keys and a rhythm that makes you want to grab a Harley and hit the road. Great one.
If you pay homage to the glorious ’80s a ballad can’t be absent. “Return To Me” is one of these of melodious slow tunes full of epicness so common in Scandinavian bands from the era: Pretty Maids, Return and why, not Europe. Very good.
Finally, I should mention “Poker Face”, yes, a Lady Gaga cover… these guys are so fun, and so good, as they’ve transformed this into an atmospheric and at the same time catchy melodic hard ‘n heavy song with a lot of feeling!

You’ve read it all above. Go and get Lazy Bonez’s “Vol.1”, a recording with all the ’80s charm – not only in the songwriting or playing – they have managed to capture ‘that’ sound & atmosphere as well.
It will put a spell on you – guaranteed.

01. Bring It All Now (feat. Stefan Schwarzmann)
02. Stainless Steel
03. First To Go – Last to Know (feat. M. Hietala & Udo Dirkschneider)
04. Frozen Love (feat. Stefan Schwarzmann)
05. Written In The Sky (feat. MC Raaka Pee)
06. M.I.L.F.
07. Got A Soul
08. Free Ride
09. Poker Face
10. Return To Me

Tommi “Tuple” Salmela (TAROT) – Vocals
Janne Tolsa (TAROT) – Keyboards
Pecu Cinnari (TAROT) – Drums
Jaakko Kauppinen – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mikko Niiranen – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Markku Mähönen – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann (Krokus, Accept) – guest Drums
Udo Dirkschneider – guest Vocals
Marco Hietala – guest Vocals
MC Raaka Pee – guest Vocals


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