FAIR WARNING – Sundancer [Japanese Edition] (2013)

FAIR WARNING - Sundancer [Japanese Edition] (2013) mp3 download


FAIR WARNING was always a band that delivered high quality Melodic Hard Rock stuff. These Germans combine perfect melodies, tight performances and excellent songwriting and have produced superb plates like their self-titled debut, ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘Go!’, all classics in my book.
After four years since their last studio album (there was a live disc in between) the wait is over and Fair Warning is back again with their brand new opus which is titled “Sundancer”, just released in Japan and to be out in Europe at the end of May.

Looking at the front cover art but, also, from the title, you will realize this one is a deliberate nod to ‘Rainmaker’, the successful album of 1995 that gave to Fair Warning their international breakthrough. The band still comprises the original line up: toneful singer Tommy Heart, Helge Engelke on guitars & keyboards, Ule Ritgen on bass and CC Behrens hitting the drums.
From the first spin of “Sundancer” you’ll be blown away by these Germans; all the things we love from Fair Warning are here stronger than ever. I would described it as the perfect mix between the melodic ‘Rainmaker’, the anthemic ‘Go!’ and the harder ‘Brother’s Keeper’.

There are some excellent uptempo rockers such as the fantastic keyboard-filled opener “Troubled Love”, the glorious “Keep It In The Dark”, the ear candy US AOR feel of “Pride” or the contagious “Get Real”, all moving rockers with catchy choruses, hooks galore and powerful performances.
“Hit And Run” is an ’80s styled hard rock gem while “Send Me A Dream” features a bluesier side of the band with an awesome guitar work.
“Real Love” is one of these kinda of tracks that you expect from these guys; it’s a huge mid-tempo with a moody vibe in it (in a classic ‘Go!’ fashion) and a breathtaking melody. Brilliant European Melodic Hard Rock stuff.

If I had to sum up “Sundancer” in one word – rather the sometimes redundant use of superfluous adjectives quite characteristic of my reviews – it’d be “Classy”. Fair Warning has produced their best album from the last fifteen years, offering a quality songwriting on par with their finest recordings which made them a staple in the Melodic Hard Rock genre.
Polished, catchy as hell, embellished by a rather crisp six-string tone, a sheer crystal clear riffage package, a set of delicate multi layered keys and the always reliable soulful vocals of Tommy Heart (in his best delivery since Go!), “Sundancer” is a winner.
A Mandatory purchase.

01. Troubled Love
02. Keep It In The Dark
03. Real Love
04. Hit And Run
05. Man In The Mirror
06. Natural High
07. Jealous Heart
08. Touch My Soul
09. Send Me A Dream
10. Pride
11. Get Real
12. How Does It Feel
13. Living On The Street
14. Cool

Tommy Heart (Vocals)
Helge Engelke (Guitar, Keyboards)
Ule W. Ritgen (Bass)
C.C. Behrens (Drums, Percussion)


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