THE GLORIA STORY – Born To Lose (2013)

THE GLORIA STORY - Born To Lose (2013) bonus track version


One of the best things about Swedes THE GLORIA STORY is that you can taste the warmth of their music and musicianship from the very first time the ‘play’ button has been pressed.

This becomes evident in their today’s released second full length “Born To Lose”.

On the debut album the band delivered a more of a Thin Lizzy and Kiss oriented hard rock with dozens of extended guitar solos, now Gloria Story have slightly changed their style still retaining their unabashed and unapologetic simple melodies.

In “Born To Lose”, although it is obvious we were dealing with the same band, the sound became more straightforward, stripped down, three chord oriented with lyrics based on letting loose and having a good time.

Imagine the spirit of The Who reverberating against the groove factor of The Kinks, early Cheap Trick, some Rolling Stones and even a bit of retro Enuff Z’Nuff on instantaneous movers such as “Chill Me” (the harmonica parts against the jangly guitar riff is really cool) and the windmill worthy title cut “Born To Lose”.

On numbers like “Sex Is In The House” and “Fire Won’t Fade” still we find that Thin Lizzy influenced hard rocking riffs, while the seventies’ Cheap Trick-like poppier “Live Your Life In Shame” or the honky-tonky “Travellers Mind” are fun and energetic.

As you see, this New Gloria Story CD is mostly ’70s bare-bones classic rock driven by fuzzy guitars, an old-school rhythm section and well placed vintage-styled vocals on a bunch of songs not exceeding the 3-minute mark.

There’s lots of energy, dirty riffing & rhythm on these leg shaking and melody whistling short songs. This is a totally ‘do it yourself’ project from start to finish, recorded with analog equipment of course, with no help from outside songwriters or producers.

All sounds direct and vintage on purpose. Fans of the first album may be a lil’ bit skeptical at first, but I think that after the second hearing will all come to place for them – as all of the Gloria Story’s virtues are still here.

Nothin’ has changed much after all, just the influences. Gloria Story’s music still comes out of the ’70s, and if you like this style, you will enjoy this second offering from the Swedes.

01. Born To Lose

02. I See You Tomorrow

03. Borderline

04. Live Your Life In Shame

05. Torture And Pain

06. Sex Is In The House

07. Chill Me

08. Travelers Mind

09. The Only One Who Knows

10. Fire Won’t Fade

11. The Black Hole

12. Waiting For The Judge

13. Alone (digital bonus track)

Joan ‘Kid’ Sallrot – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar

Filip Rapp – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Fredrik Axelsson – Bass, Backing Vocals

Carl Ahlander – Guitar

Henrik Siberg – Drums

THE GLORIA STORY - Born To Lose (2013) back cover


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