BAI BANG – All Around The World (2013)

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Swedish Melodic Hard Rockers BAI BANG returned on all cylinders a couple years ago with the wildly energetic burst of good time riffs and choruses that was Livin’ My Dream.
The CD was received with great enthusiasm, leading to a quick-fire follow up in the shape of their new recording “All Around The World”.

This album positively ignites through “Everybody Everywhere” which kicks-in with a chorus; no introduction, no atmospheric build up, no bullshit. Instead it is straight in there with layered vocals, keyboards holding down the back-line while the drums pulsate and the guitars grind.
It is a sure fire way to grab your attention and ensure you buy into this latter-day Def Leppard meets heyday Danger Danger good time rock. From there it is a case of why break a winning formula?
“Gonna Make It” pushes you over with the force of the chant along vocals and tons of bright keyboards, while the guitars are allowed to roam free during a searing solo.
“Crazy” adds to the Leppard feel through staccato guitar licks and a mid-paced attack, while the song that takes its name from the band who created it, “Bai Bang”, explodes into view all shaking hips and pouting lips – meaning we’re on to a winner.

As ever in this style, a few slower number have to be squeezed in, and if Bai Bang show their best side when they are kicking the air and punching out the good times, then it is in the balladry of powerness where they and especially vocalist Diddi Kastenholt come slightly unstuck.
Album closer “Get It On” shows that having the vocalist hold on to the big notes for any length of time isn’t necessarily the best idea, while “Now You’re Gone” proves how well the likes of Europe do a mid-paced emotional stomp, Bai Bang simply not having the gravitas to pull it off.
That said two missed steps out of ten tracks is a pretty high strike rate in the world of 2013 Melodic Rock, so let’s crack open the beers, get the party started and invite Bai Bang round to “Raise Your Hands”, ask “How About Now” and usher in “Summertime” All Around The World – sun, rain or hail, you know they’ll bring the good times.
Steven Reid

01. Everybody Everywhere
02. Gonna Make It
03. Crazy
04. Bai Bang
05. How About Now
06. Raise Your Hands Now
07. Summertime
08. Now You’re Gone
09. All Around the World
10. Get It On

Diddi Kastenholt – Vocals
Pelle Eliaz – Guitar
Jens Lundgren – Guitar
Joacim Sandin – Bass
Johnny Benson – Drums


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