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dUg Pinnick has been regarded for decades as a true musician’s musician. As the lead vocalist/bassist of the power trio King’s X, Pinnick has received practically every accolade possible, from the likes of virtuoso’s such as Billy Sheehan and countless others.

But, while Pinnick, now at the age of 62, could easily rest on his past accomplishments like so many other aging musicians, he instead still remains passionate about creating music and challenges himself once more.

Recently, Pinnick teamed up with blues guitar superstar Eric Gales and drummer extraordinaire Thomas Pridgen to form the power trio, PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN (PGP).

Their 13 song self titled debut can only be described as hard hitting, kick ass bluesy rockin’ monster.

This is an ‘old-school’ rock record from start to finish. “Pinnick Gales Pridgen” artfully combines classic rock, progressive rock, progressive soul, blues, among many others in a fusion of sound that can’t be called innovative but can definitely be labeled as fresh.

The main contributor to this feeling is the lefty virtuoso Eric Gales who displays exemplary skill and writing ability in his instrument as well as his voice.

The guitar tone and playing style immediately brings comparison to greats like Jimi Hendrix or Slash. Fantastic riffs and tasteful, intricate solos are his calling card through this record, and they’re used freely and without restraint.

Pinnick’s bass is no mere background instrument either. He dances adroitly with Gales each playing essentially the lead instrument in the album. While he doesn’t exactly display outright technical wizardry (like he no doubt can provide), his instrument is more than viable and best of all just as audible as the guitar.

The drumming of Pridgen on the other hand is the primary thing keeping this album from crossing the blurred line of a late ’70s throwback album. The man displays a varied and technical style which he supplements with a bluesy/jazzy edge which fits in with this fusion of rock extremely well.

At many points throughout the album, the band really piles on the groove.

Songs like the single “Hang On, Big Brother” and “Angels and Aliens” show that there’s more to being aggressive then screaming and blast beats, while the disturbingly attractive riffs of “Greatest Love” or the succulently meaty “Lascivious” have groove practically dripping off the bone.

Gales’ vocals seat themselves in the deep end of cool. Much of the soul present in this CD are belted in the low baritone of his voice that would make a rocking B.B. King proud.

The progressive styling of “Pinnick Gales Pridgen” also serves in creating a cohesive experience for the listener. There is a vintage aura that permeates and gives the album a different kind of fun factor most others plainly don’t have.

There is also a strange, warped feeling of déja vu emanated as while the feeling of hearing this music before is present, there’s something about the way it’s arranged, the way it’s delivered, the way it just rocks that holds attention. That’s the infection.

“Pinnick Gales Pridgen” is a mammoth example of vintage progressive bliss. The amalgamation of blues, soul, rock, hell, even psychadelia creates one of the best super group debuts in recent memory.

Describing this record as doing anything but rocking would be an insult to the sound captured by these three. One listen to the trio’s cover of Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” will be all one need to hear to know the that this better not be a onetime thing.

Fans of no-frills classic rock and progressive music would be hard-pressed to find many things wrong with “Pinnick Gales Pridgen”. They’ll be too consumed by the infection to do so anyway.


01 – Collateral Damage

02 – Angels And Aliens

03 – For Jasmine

04 – Hang On, Big Brother

05 – Wishing Well

06 – Hate Crime

07 – Lascivious

08 – Black Jeans

09 – Sunshine Of Your Love

10 – Been So High (The Only Place To Go Is Down)

11 – Me And You

12 – Greatest Love

13 – Frightening

• dUg Pinnick (King’s X) – Bass and Vocals

• Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill) – Guitar and Vocals

• Thomas Pridgen (ex- Mars Volta) – Drums and Percussion

PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN - ST (2013) back cover


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