LITTLE CAESAR – Name Your Poison [remaster] (2013)

LITTLE CAESAR - Name Your Poison [remaster] (2013) mp3, download


Tattooed, long haired bikers and hard rockers LITTLE CEASAR were one of the best bands in the genre emerged in Los Angeles at the end of the eighties.

Signed by a major label (Geffen) for their full length debut in 1990 the band enjoyed considerable success in the US, but they should have been huge.

Before that, Little Caesar’s storming shows caught the attention of Metal Blade Records, giving the band the opportunity to record a song for the label’s compilation ‘Street Survivors’, featuring unsigned bands from the Bay Area.

Soon after, Metal Blade decided to pump the band and Little Caesar released the EP “Name Your Poison”, which helped them get signed to Geffen later.

Many Hard Rock enthusiasts (including me) define this EP as the best material Little Caesar has ever released. Not only the songs are real corkers, the sound and attitude in these four tracks exudes the ‘real’ Californian Hard Rock spirit.

Now, the band, after their return last year decided to progressively reissue their entire catalogue in digital format via the indie company Dirty Deeds.

And you can’t miss “Name Your Poison”.

I own the original, long time deleted ’89 EP-CD (a collectors item) and trust me, the remaster job freshly done in these tracks is fabulous.

This is a Highly Recommended stuff people. ROCKS.

01. Name Your Poison

02. Tastes Good To Me

03. God’s Creation

04. Tears Don’t Lie

Ron Young – lead vocals

Louren Molinare – guitar, backing vocals

Apache – guitar, backing vocals

Fidel Paniagua – bass, backing vocals

Tom Morris – drums, percussion


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