BUCKCHERRY – Confessions [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

BUCKCHERRY - Confessions [Deluxe Edition] (2013) mp3, download


Californian rockers BUCKCHERRY are in the music business for nearly twenty years now, scoring several Billboard hits and obtaining Platinum certification sales. But Buckcherry have long been a band which I could take or leave – to be honest, it’s mostly been leave.

Their new, sixth release titled “Confessions” has changed that for the most part.

Buckcherry have finally made an album which I can really get my teeth into. Perhaps it’s because from suggestions of the band’s new label (Century Media) or simply the group decided to give more maturity to their music.

You see, not only does “Confessions” contain some of Buckcherry’s strongest songwriting to date, the band’s playing is also a step above their previous releases.

The lyrics are more mature than the usual gratuitous swearing. Interestingly, and I know you’ve worked it out from the song titles, the seven deadly sins are up for discussion here. Some of the texts are quite profound and self-searching as in the opening verse of “Pride”. Those looking for ‘Crazy Bitch’ part two, won’t find it on “Confessions”.

What you will find however are some well crafted songs that rock pretty good.

Just for once, “Confessions” even finds me warming to vocalist Josh Todd. He sounds really weary at times and his voice has become more worn over the years, which suits the material well.

Musically, the band seems to be thriving with more solid song structures, more elaborate riffs and some variation in the rhythms.

Sticking with the recipe that has garnered them widespread fame and chart success would have been hardly unwise, and Buckcherry have understood this clearly.

I think “Confessions” is Buckcherry’s strongest and more listenable work ever. Undeniably, the most mature and musical album recorded by the L.A. based quintet, quite dynamic, thoughtful and well executed.

01 – Gluttony

02 – Wrath

03 – Nothing Left But Tears

04 – The Truth

05 – Greed

06 – Water

07 – Seven Ways To Die

08 – Air

09 – Sloth

10 – Pride

11 – Envy

12 – Lust

13 – Dreamin’ Of You

14 – Give ‘Em What They Want (Bonus Track)

15 – When The Fire Starts (Bonus Track)

Josh Todd – vocals

Keith Nelson – guitar, backing vocals

Stevie D. – guitar, backing vocals

Jimmy Ashhurst – bass, backing vocals

Xavier Muriel – drums, percussion

BUCKCHERRY - Confessions [Deluxe Edition] (2013) back cover



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