ST. PROSTITUTE – Here Come The Prostitutes (2013)

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What may you expect from a band called ST. PROSTITUTE? Surely the first thing come to mind is sleaze + dirty lyrics. Their name might have been worked in the late eighties days of the Sunset Strip, but now sounds a bit dated.

Even more: entitle your debut album “Here Come The Prostitutes” and feature this artwork (cliched but admittedly cool)… hmmm.

Well, let me tell you that despite their name and album title, these guys from Copenhagen, Denmark, are terrific Melodic Hard Rockers.

Not sleaZe, nor lipstick ‘n spray here, just fabulous hooks and melodies.

Remember when Enuff Z’Nuff were a great band fun band? St. Prostitute take a dog eared copy of the EZ’N blueprint and oil it up with elements of hair metal and melodic rock.

It’s slick, it’s heavy, it’s light on its feet. It’s filled to bursting with inviting hooks, and grabs your attention from the moment the title track launches.

The song starts confidently and it’s immediately clear that frontman Fussy Korsholm has a strong raspy vocal that’s well suited to this ’80s-inspired rock. The chorus is catchy as hell and I just know I’ll end up getting caught singing ‘are you ready, show your titties – here come the prostitutes’ absent mindedly in the office. This is a great starter that’s full of spirit and gets you warmed up and wanting more.

If you’re looking for sidelong glances at modern morality, you’ll be mightily disappointed. Most lyrics sift through the fragments of broken relationships, and Fussy Korsholm’s aching baritone does a convincing job of eliciting our sympathy.

Impressive tracks like “Dreaming Of You”, “Hell Yeah!!” and “I’m Not Falling” (a classy duet that weaves Fussy’s strong tones with the lovely lady lungs of female vocalist Line Krogholm) sweep into orbit like pocket rockets aiming for the stars, sustaining a marvellous, ragged edged pop metal majesty that suggests these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

“The Highway Hitcher Murder Blues” and “Schizophrenia” blend a fierce old-school vocal attack over sparser guitars, before erupting in frenzies of razoring axe work, while the awesome “Medicine” carries an attractive, melancholy undertow, like channelling EZ’N through the rock wash of classy Finnish band Carmen Gray.

Of course we have ballads here: “Dreaming Of You” will hopefully put St. Prostitute on the map worldwide. It has that classic sound of Tesla with a more rock-n-roll vibe. I love how the song jumps tempos midway through.

The other is “A Bitter Man’s Lullaby” that builds into a passionate crescendo of genuine heartache. This one has big acoustics with some killer keys and those additional backgrounds really make the song. Fussy Korsholm’s vocals are a real highlight here and shows the band is a true class act.

The album ends with “Crisis”, a spring loaded, soul searching blast of rifferama, and a fitting finale, musically and lyrically.

Don’t be fooled by the album’s name and the cover artwork, St. Prostitute delivers here a catchy collection of solid fun rockers.

It’s remarkable the enormous inventiveness of Soren Andersen (Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes) producing and the band’s sharp songwriting and musicianship.

“Here Come The Prostitutes” is one helluva debut album that needs to be added to your collection.


01 – Here Come The Prostitutes

02 – Say When It’s Over

03 – I’m Not Falling

04 – Dreaming Of You

05 – The Highway Hitcher Murder Blues

06 – Hell Yeah!!

07 – Medicine

08 – A Bitter Man’s Lullaby

09 – Schizophrenia

10 – Crisis

Fussy Korsholm – Vocals, Rythm Guitar

Morten Korsholm – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jack Andy – Drums, Backing Vocals

Kim Mikkelmann – Bass, Backing Vocals

Line Krogholm – guest Vocals


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