SCARLET VIOLET – Everlusting (2012)

SCARLET VIOLET - Everlusting (2012) mp3 download


Formed around 2005 in Milan and continuing the well-appreciated trend of ’80s inspired rock ‘n roll comes SCARLET VIOLET.

After two realeases under US-based label Sliptrick Records (debut album and EP) and extensive touring throughout North-Eastern Europe and Japan, the band has just released their second full-lenght “Everlusting”.

Mixed and mastered at Studio Seven in Sweden by producer/drummer Ronny Milianowicz (Primal Fear, Kiske), Scarlet Violet is offering up some memory-inducing music, conjuring up visions of the Sunset Strip with an updated sound.

Despite the album artwork, this is not a sleaze band. Their style is spiced with a few glammy touches yes, but the heart of the music is late eighties US Melodic Metal / Hard blood-pumped.

Album opener “Fancy A Nightmare?” attacks the senses with a guttural Marshall-amp assault. Immediately the listener is convinced that this band means business. Vocalist ‘L.A.’ (his pseudonym is a true declaration) reminds you John Corabi, Paul Shortino and at places the legendary Paul DiAnno in a Sunset Strip vocal suit.

Apparently L.A. is a chameleon, because he manages to sound like Jizzy Pearl on the Love/Hate inspired “Fame”. Perhaps the more sleazy track here is “Heart-Shaped Brain” with gang vocals and stabbing guitars all over, while “til I Die” turn things quite heavy.

Pace slows down for a breathe with “Bend Over And Fall”. It isn’t a ballad, just a groovy rocker which increases the rhythm in the middle. Ok track but I prefer the band rocking hard.

The best song in the disc arrives with “Behind Enemy Lines”, a fiery hardrocker with a razor axe-work and a great anthemic chorus. Closer “Show Me Your Filth” is another frantic / no-brakes train yet more spaced sonically which even incrases the impact. Punchy solo on this one.

Scarlet Violet wear their influences on their sleeve, but unlike a multitude of recent Euro Hard, they have taken the time to put their own identity on each track in “Everlusting”.

The band have found a way to sound fresh with a vocalist that sings like no-one these days and the guitar work from Fylo which is downright impressive for this type of music. At this point everything imaginable has been done on guitar, but he always tries to find a way to sound original.

“Everlusting” has enough kick to please fans of ’80s US Metal without losing its intended Hollywood Sunset Strip audience, not leaning too heavily towards either genre.

Rocks Good.

01 – Fancy A Nightmare?

02 – Can’t Take Me Back

03 – Cut Me Again

04 – Fame

05 – Heart-Shaped Brain

06 – Bend Over And Fall

07 – Behind Enemy Lines

08 – ’til I Die

09 – War Cry

10 – Show Me Your Filth

L.A. – Vocals

Fylo – Guitars

P.I.Z. – Bass

Joey – Drums


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