RICHIE SCARLET – I Plead The Fifth (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


As Hard Rock fan, you probably have listened RICHIE SCARLET playing guitar, although his name doesn’t ring any bell.

Richie AKA ‘The Emperor Of Rock and Roll’ has been part of Alice Cooper, Mountain and Sebastian Bach touring bands amongst others. He is the axe man in Bach’s ‘Bring Em Bach Alive’ and ‘Back 2 Basics’ albums.

But his most remarkable and known work was his team-up with Ace Frehley. As part of Ace’s band, Richie not only co-write many songs for his ’89 CD ‘Trouble Walkin’, also sung lead vocals, played guitars and was involved in the production.

So this pedigree says something about Scarlet’s talents, isn’t it?

Richie Scarlet has a prolific solo career as well with 6 albums under his belt, and “I Plead The Fifth” is his seventh, fresh recording just released.

While never having mainstream success but with a strong fan base of followers, this NewYorker musical credibility is highly respected amongst his colleagues as well.

Richie has a classic guitar style that combines hard rock, metal and blues in the American style. He is a good singer with a slightly bluesy, raspy tone recalling Paul Shortino, not so powerful but contolled and well harmonized.

“I Plead The Fifth” is a kickin’ hard rocking recording ranging from shattering numbers as the killer opener “Lips Like Morphine” and the Frehley-ish “I Don’t Wanna Die” to melodic commercial tunes like “Burning Through Life” and “Without Your Love”.

There’s slow moments in the atmospheric, heartfelt balllad “Lost in My World” and the acoustically filled “Indian Souls”, while “King Heroin” has dark, sinister spoken lyrics in an intersting subtle musical background.

For the end, Scarlet reserved space for the instrumental “Carousel” where he shows his talents. This isn’t the typical guitar hero ‘here I am’ flashing stuff. The track is an excellent composed and performed rocker with vintage keys, loose drumming and awesome guitar arrangements.

“I Plead The Fifth” is a convincing Hard Rock album out of the usual parameters.

If you are tired of the same patterns and scales this is for you, nothing ground-breaking or experimental, just well produced and recorded hard rocking songs played with power and passion.


01 – Lips Like Morphine

02 – Burning Through Life

03 – Love Will Find a Way

04 – I Dont Wanna Die

05 – Lost in My World

06 – Without Your Love

07 – Indian Souls (1876)

08 – King Heroin

09 – Carousel

Richie Scarlet – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Russ Wilson – Drums

Peter Gallinari – Keyboards

RICHIE SCARLET - I Plead The Fifth (2012) back cover


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