KRUK – Be 3 (2013)

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Polish hard rockers KRUK – Raven in English – delivered a really good album in 2011 (presented here in this blog) featuring the collaboration of shouter Doogie White and gaining positive reviews on specialized magazines.

The new album (the third in the band’s career) entitled “Be 3” sees the group faithful to their traditional Hard Rock style but this time adding high doses of more commercial Melodic Rock sounds.

The riffs and influences from the greats Rainbow, Uriah Heep and Thin Lizzy are still there, yet this time with a clear approach to classic Euro Melodic Rock.

This new sound for the band is revealed since the start with the bouncing opener “Rising Anger”. Really melodious with elaborated harmony vocals and a more clear sound than anything recorded by Kruk before.

And they are really good in this new sonic territory, as heard in the following tracks “Steal Your Heart”, “Master Blaster” (recalling Swedes melodic rockers Silver), the Gotthard-like “It’s Gone” and the pure Melodic Rock midtempo “On The Station”, one of the highlights.

Also the couple of ballads “At The Desert” and “Miss Sometimes” are definitely melodic, Scandi sounding.

Of course we have some tracks in the original Kruk style, as the Rainbow influenced “Burnin’ Inside” (love the guitar solo) and the Thin Lizzy attack of “Calling You”.

As you read, Kruk has turned their sound for the most part to European Melodic Rock blended with their Classic Hard root style resulting in a more than interesting product.

The song skeleton and arrangements are certainly more accessible than before still retaining the traditional Hard Rock vibe, particularly in the instrumentation.

Kruk impressed me favorably with their previous effort, but with “Be 3” they really surprised me. Solid and mature, this new work opens a new horizon for this Polish band which now sounds more ‘Swedish’ than many real Scandi acts.


01 – Rising Anger

02 – Steal Your Heart

03 – Master Blaster

04 – At The Desert

05 – Calling You

06 – Burnin’ Inside

07 – Miss Sometimes

08 – It’s Gone

09 – On The Station

10 – Child In Time

11 – Rising Anger [Instrumental mix] (bonus track)

12 – Burnin’ Inside [Instrumental mix] (bonus track)

13 – Gdy upadl swiat (bonus track)

14 – Jestem Bogiem (bonus track)

15 – Jak glaz (bonus track)

Tomasz Wisniewski – Vocals

Piotr Brzychcy – Guitar

Krzysiek Nowak – Bass

Michal Kurys – Keyboards, Synths

Dariusz Nawara – Drums


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