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Singer Neville MacDonald was the founder member of UK hard rock favorites Skin during the nineties. But the shouter a decade before also was part of the acclaimed Welsh AOR act Kooga who released the much beloved disc ‘Across The Water’ in 1986.

His partner in crime with Kooga was the excellent songwriter and keyboardist Neil Garland.

After so many years both have reunited again to form the fresh new band HAND OF DIMES which are releasing their self-titled debut EP.

For this new project, the pompy keyboards are gone giving room to both artists soulful hard rock bluesy roots, a style which the pair began developing before forming Kooga.

Hand Of Dimes has a classic rock sound with pulsating guitars, traditional keyboards and an earthy rhythm section but still maintaining the powerful vocals that Nev MacDonald has developed over the years.

You can’t go wrong with these excellent, experienced musicians. Helped by Colin Edwards (Magenta) on lead guitar, Mark Maybry (Fish ‘N Frenzy) and David Stephenson (Autopilot) on drums, Hand Of Dimes sounds tight ‘n rocking with an emotional feeling.

Nev MacDonald is touring as part of the Matti Alfonzetti band Red White & Blues (presented here some time ago) so you know what to expect from Hand Of Dimes.

The recording was done in the old-fashioned, analog way, and you even can hear a little tape hiss put on purpose. But all these songs sound fresh and up-to-date, and if you are tired of the same riff / the same songwriting pattern, then with Hand Of Dimes you have quality in both departments.

This EP is an advance for the full length album to be released next year. Can’t wait for it.

Easily Recommended.

01 – Looking At You

02 – Angels And Demons

03 – Pinstriped Arrogance

04 – Jacob’s Ladder

Nev MacDonald – vocals, guitar

Neil Garland – keyboards

Colin Edwards – lead guitar

Mark Maybry – bass

David Stephenson – drums

HAND OF DIMES - ST (2012) back cover



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