FLEMT – The Time Has Come (2012)

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FLEMT was formed almost ten years ago in central Italy with members from two friend bands.

Last year the group entered into the studio to record their debut “The Time Has Come”, entirely produced and released by themselves.

Flemt’s music is rather likeable slightly quirky Melodic Rock influenced by eighties acts from the American continent, that’s includes USA and Canada.

“The Time Has Come” takes a couple of tracks to get going.

First song “Always At Your Side” – dedicated from father to son – has cool melodies and fine instrumentation but is sung at a lower register by singer Dainiele Bianchelli, which doesn’t suits his voice and betrays his accent as well.

Fortunately, both flaws are gone on the rest of the disc.

“Baby Come On” is quite catchy and has a good refrain, but it’s not until the third track “In My Dreams” – a grand power ballad – that the band show their talent and explains why Flemt were picked to support Bon Jovi when they played in Italy. Very, very good melodious song.

The band’s eighties influences are evident in follower “Hot Forever” with its Canadian Triumph touchstones, reminding me in style as well new Swedish band Oxygen. This is partially due to Daniele Bianchelli’s rather good helium filled vocals.

One of the highlights is title track “The Time Has Come”. It’s a mature sounding midtempo melodic rocker where some eighties Asia and GTR also pops up in the melody giving to the song an interesting feel.

“You’ll Always Be There” is a slow semi-ballad driving buy acoustic guitars and ocasional electrics sung in duet with a female singer (uncredited) adorned with a nice piano/keyboards background.

Nice arrangements, Bianchelli’s characterful voice, some melodic soloing to complement the singing and some very nice harmonies, such as on the AORish closer “Dreamgirl”, all add to make this CD a pleasant surprise.

It’s all helped by a polished production job that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from and indie release like this one.

There are only eight tracks but, except the opener vocal faults, all are good, and you can see “Time Has Come” as a record put out not only to please the Melodic Rock crowd but also to try to garner record company interest. Well, it appears to took effect as Flemt just has been singed by a British label.

Not wholly mainstream, this CD charm shouldn’t go unnoticed for those who like to seek out underground (for the moment) new Melodic Rock bands.

Flemt is a welcomed addition to the MR field. Good Stuff.

01 – Always At Your Side

02 – Baby Come On

03 – In My Dreams

04 – Hot Fever

05 – The Time Has Come

06 – The Fight

07 – You’ll Always Be There

08 – Dreamgirl

Dainiele Bianchelli – Vocals

Michele Trillini – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Ivano Zoppi – Keys, Backing Vocals

Frank Lapini – Bass

Diego Romagnoli – Drums, Backing Vocals



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