THE FORCE – Stone Cold (2012)

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THE FORCE was formed in 2002 by British guitarist Mark Elliott and German drummer Hanns Haurein who both live in Switzerland. They meet up with the Swiss bassist and keyboardist Beat Schaub and the line-up was completed.

“Stone Cold” is the band’s 4th album, a strong blues-infused Classic Hard Rock CD.

The Force owns an energetic, genuine handmade bluesy Hard Rock sound driven by fat guitar-riffs, melodious vocals and a precisely working rhythm-section.

There could have been no more ideal opener than “Ride”. You will be totally awake in the morning by listening to this song on your way to your work or on a pleasure ride with your Harley bike. Elliott has the perfect voice for this kind of stuff that recalls Dave Meniketti (Y&T) in places, and he can play melting guitar solos as well.

Next, “Givin’ It Up” blast your ears with a deep bass groove, super drum beats and fast guitars, followed by the Hendrix inspired hard rocker “All I Need” fueled by Elliott devilish slide-solos. This man is really good at his game.

The catchy (cowbell included) “Run, Run, Run” is a jumpin’ commercial rock’n roller where the band sounds more contemporary yet firmly blues based.

The highlight on the CD arrives with “Black Rain”. It starts slowy with clean guitars and a cadence reminding earlier Scorpions, then at the end and after a killer solo, the tempo accelerates into a driving classic tune complete with Hammond B3 keys. Awesome track.

Talking about classic stylings, “This Time Your Turn” transports you to the seventies with a Montrose vibe yet with an updated sound.

Elliott sings “Call Me A Doctor” with fire over a venomous rhythm, this is Classic Rock people, and a good one.

Title track is a bluesy, groovy monster rocker, and then “Broken Machine” invites you to ride your Harley again. “Cry” will make tear your stereo indeed, again resembling Y&T. Power track with lots of melody.

Last song “New Day” ends the CD with a deep uptempo groove, a truly good instrumental tune with great feeling that makes you want to see this band alive.

Almost unknown outside central Europe, The Force is an awesome bluesy Hard Rock trio delivering a hot performance through the twelve tracks in “Stone Cold”.

This is a polished and tightly played collection of tracks, plenty of power yet very melodic. Don’t expect a dirty approach or grit here, this is a quite harmonic, slick material.

These guys – and specially British singer/guitarist Mark Elliott – are tremendous musicians who not only have learned the Classic Rock book by heart, also add to their traditional bluesy hard style a personal touch with a dynamic sound.

Production is darn good, vital and clear.

Don’t miss this one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

01. Ride

02. Givin’ It Up

03. All I Need

04. Run, Run, Run

05. Black Rain

06. This Time Your Turn

07. Call Me A Doctor

08. Stone Cold

09. Broken Machine

10. Cry

11. Only The Good Die Young

12. New Day

Mark Elliott – Vocals, Guitar

Beat Schaub – Bass

Hanns Haurein – Drums

Loovy – Keyboards

Peter Tanner – Vocals


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