NYA – Driving The Nails In (2012)

NYA - Driving The Nails In (2012) mp3 download


NYA formed in London 2010, but only truly burst on to scene with an all new five piece line up in 2011. The self-titled debut EP received rave reviews which was followed up by a slot at Download Festival 2011.

Recorded in the Netherlands, “Driving The Nails In” is their new material just relased.

Nya sell themselves as a hard rock/melodic metal band with a modern sound.

Their music is driven by a twin guitar attack, but what really impress you at first listen is Slovenian female vocalist Anežka Piška, owner of a strong set of lungs, a melodic tone… and very nice legs.

NYA - Driving The Nails In (2012) Anežka Piška legs

Opening track “Back To You” starts off deceptively quiet and slow but quickly builds into a song full of power, with Anežka’s dynamic vocals bursting in an almost straight way coupled with razor guitars and a crashing drumbeat.

“You Are” continues the audible assault full on guitars and a galloping drum beat. This song really shows off the vocal abilities of Anežka and the technical side of the stunning modern guitar work (both axe-man utilises 8-string electric guitars).

The third track, “Open Your Eyes”, is an interesting one. Taking a softer approach but still proving to be a hard rocking number with some nice hooks and acute rhythm sections, the song drives into your ears with a high amount of groove and strength.

The poetically titled “Choir Invisible” displays a use of punchy riffs blended with divine sounding vocals. You also hear a lot more in the way of the backing vocal support, which makes this track stand out a little more from the others as you get to hear even more elements of this band.

“Driving The Nails In” is the title track and is also the final song of the release. It is a true testament to the skill of these musicians, from the stunning vocal abilities to the intricate guitar and bass work and the skills of the drummer.

Nya is a really interesting new band with a fresh and modern sound.

“Driving The Nails In” is plenty of massive riffs, tight grooves and the soaring vocals of Anežka Piška that grabs the listener from the first listen.

They’re modern and quite technical, but somehow I hear a nineties vibe all over the recording. These tracks are not the ‘sing along chorus’ type, this material is focused in the gripping instrumentation and the towering vocals. So don’t expect extreme catchiness, just solid and effective rockin’ songs well produced and arranged.

For sure, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Nya in the future.

01 – Back To You

02 – You Are

03 – Open Eour Eyes

04 – Choir Invisible

05 – Driving The Nails In

Anežka Piška – Lead & Backing Vocals

Joseph Rhodes – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Dan Baker – Guitars

Dan Hayward (Woody) – Bass

Paul White – Drums, Backing Vocals

NYA - Driving The Nails In (2012) back cover



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