HELLECTROKUTERS – Rock ‘n Roll Beggars (2012)

HELLECTROKUTERS - Rock 'n Roll Beggars (2012)  mp3 download


For a lot of people, France stands for delicacy, culture and haute couture. However they are able to produce rocking bands as well as Pleasure Addiction, Frenchkiss, Black Rain and now, HELLECTROKUTERS.

The quartet are releasing their debut called “Rock ‘n Roll Beggars”, recorded in their home country but truly sounds as it was taped in the US or UK.

“Rock ‘n Roll Beggars” is big balled, high-energy classic riff-driven hard rock. Put the more commercial and polished late eighties AC/DC and UK rockers The Treatment in a mix machine and you have Hellectrokuters’ kickass sound.

Powerful, catchy rockin’ songs plenty of hot riffs, hard hitting rhythm section and clean yet potent astounding vocals. Do you want a ballad? Well too damn bad, you won’t find one on “Rock ‘n Roll Beggars”. No sir, this is unapologetic rock ‘n roll from start to finish.

The Hellectrokuters are stuck in a groove on this album where they seem determined to bash the listener over the head repeatedly until you are worshipping at their very feet.

‘Hey baby, get ready, this is rock ‘n’ roll’ proclaims a female voice during the disc’s opening track and from there the tempo is set to a blistering uprise. With the screaming chorus of “Hey Baby” mixed with a rhythmical riffage, the CD gets off to a great start — and things are just heating up.

“Action” seems determined to reduce your stereo speakers to a lump of molten metal while “My Rock ‘N Roll” kicks the hot ashes around until everything goes up in flames.

“Break The Rules” and especially “Another Night” find the band adding a little early Lynch Mob harmony to their concoction, but don’t think for a second they are easing up in any way, as the furious “Born To Rock” quickly shows.

Closing things out are “Rock This Way” and “New York 79”, and I’m certain that after these songs were recorded vocal cords blew apart, guitars burst into flames and a drummer died from exhaustion.

On their debut “Rock ‘n Roll Beggars” the Hellectrokuters have nailed it — perfectly capturing the essence of the kickin’ ’80s hard rock and the polished fury of more modern rockers.

This is the style of old-school bashing heads delivered with an unbridled energy, but neatly performed and recorded with a crisp production.

“Rock ‘n Roll Beggars” seriously rocks, and rocks really, really good.

01 – Hey Baby

02 – Action

03 – My Rock ‘n Roll

04 – Break The Rules

05 – Where Do We Go?

06 – Another Night

07 – Born To Rock

08 – Raised In Hell

09 – Rock This Way

10 – New York 79

Butch – vocals

Stik – guitars and backing vocals

Dim – bass and backing vocals

Rico – drums and backing vocals



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