STURM und DRANG – Graduation Day (2012)

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STURM und DRANG… Who are these guys coming out from nowhere with this awesome album?

Well, first of all, they’re from Finland, and as second statement, Sturm Und Drang aren’t newcomers at all, as “Graduation Day” is the band’s third album, and released by a major label.

Formed in 2004, seems Sturm Und Drang have gained much popularity in their country and Scandinavia, but the rest of the world didn’t notice about them, as their albums have not been released wordwide.

Strange, as being backed by a multinational label and listening the quality of the product and commercial potential of their music, it’s a real shame!

And what kind of music these guys play?

Extremely melodic, polished and infectious Melodic Rock in the Scandi style, where The Poodles meets modern Pretty Maids, with high doses of catchy Euro pop-metal.

On some tracks they have a clear ‘Eurovision’ sound but the guitars are always present, and although Sturm Und Drang is more light in their delivery, on several tracks they remind me H.E.A.T and Reckless Love.

We have some some awesome Melodic Rockers here as the catchy as hell “Your Love Is For Sale”, the stadiun ready “Lucky” and the anthemic midtempo “Fatherland”.

More poppy numbers include the modern semi-ballad “Molly The Murderer”, “I Hurt Myself” and the not completely convincing “Light Years Apart”, the only weak moment here in my opinion.

“Goddamn Liar” starts with some electronics, but soon the band enters in full form into a commercial strong melodic tune driven buy a deep bass line and with tons of layered guitars. It’s like Pretty Maids with a bombastic production.

Sturm Und Drang prove they can rock hard in the guitar riff-fueled “Hammer To Fall”, a galloping track with an irresistible chorus.

Although Sturm Und Drang’s members are really young (under their 25), they are skilled musicians and their music is highly professionaly delivered.

“Graduation Day” is full of melodic, catchy, sing along tunes plenty of great hooks and solid musicianship. Some lyrics are a bit cheesy and the guitar solos pretty simple, but this is an extemely commercial stuff, and that’s exactly what this style needs.

All members work for the homogeneity of the songs, but special mention goes for singer Andre Linman recalling a young Robin McAuley in his timbre, crafting very well assembled harmony vocals all over the recording.

Production is top notch; big, crystal clear, typically Scandinavian polished.

“Graduation Day” is proper title for the CD, as this is like a graduation diploma for Sturm Und Drang to enter in the major league.

Melodic Rock fans are advised; don’t miss this one!

01 – Your Love Is For Sale

02 – Dark Little Angel Of Mine

03 – Molly The Murderer

04 – Lucky

05 – Hammer To Fall

06 – Goddamn Liar

07 – Fatherland

08 – I Hurt Myself

09 – Party Like A Rockstar

10 – Light Years Apart

André Linman – vocals, guitar

Jani Kuoppamaa – guitars

Jeppe Welroos – keyboards

Joel Wendlin – bass

Calle Fahllund – drums


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  1. DEEMON says:

    Uahlll!!! I love that kind of music and for me it's one of the best of 2012. Thanks guys!

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