SISTER SIN – Now And Forever (2012)

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Hard Rock aficionados are well aware of Swedes SISTER SIN, the female fronted band from Gothenburg.

They are releasing today a brand new CD titled “Now and Forever”. It is the band’s fourth full length release, but it surely won’t be the last.

Sister Sin’s catchy, lively ’80s metal-style music sits well with fans of bands such as Motley Crue, The Scorpions, Warlock and alikes. However, the band has expanded their boundaries with “Now and Forever”. The album has so many different elements of rockin’ music that it can’t be categorized in any single genre or sub-genre.

The disc starts off with “MMXII” – which means 2012 in Roman numerals – and it’s an eerie, dark instrumental comprised of keys and drums and then jumps right into a flurry of greatness with the title track.

“End Of The Line” is a really metalized track with a phenomenal chorus, catchy guitar riffs and solos, solid rhythm section, power-packed vocals and an upbeat tempo – a quintessential ’80s metal tune. This song itself is better than anything Sister Sin wrote previously to this, and sets up the new album nicely.

“Fight Song” is reminiscent of Motley’s ‘Knock ‘Em Dead Kid’ and the energy is on high power. Great riffs from Jimmy Hiltula that will have some necks snapping. The song is all metal but has some amazing directional changes that add that melodic overtones.

“In It For Life” is fast-paced and raw in sound but the excitement is pure gold. “Hearts Of Cold” highlights the six-string work of Hiltula and Dave Sundberg, who smashes the skins like a demon. The song is powerful and aggressive, which should draw in fans of harder-edged metal.

The background vocals and harmonies on “I’m Not You” are exceptional. The song is a bit different than others on the record but the chorus will bring chants from the live crowds and make it one of their favorites.

“Running Low” runs over a killer beat and comparisons here will be drawn to more recent acts coming out from Sweden, but with Sister Sin’s own touch.

The band hit and hit hard with “Shades Of Black” and once again they show to be fans of primal Motley Crue as they have those basic essentials that made the Crue’s ‘Shout At The Devil’ release a holy grail in the genre.

Coming to a close, singer Liv spreads her talented vocals over the ballad called “Morning After”, a noticeable directional change from the rest of the record, but works like a charm adding variation to this kick-ass CD. The soaring guitar of Hitula is exceptional, melodious and sustained.

“Now and Forever” rocks with an intensity rarely seen lately.

Once upon a time, hard rock music was about having fun and rocking out, but for most ‘new metal’ bands that’s no longer a premise anymore, specially the ones fronted by female singers. Saving some honorable exceptions, all are trying to be the next Evanescence.

Thankfully we have Sister Sin to treat us with an enjoyable throwback to the glory days, and “Now And Forever” presents the band at their best.

Hair metal, glam metal, ’80s metal, or whatever you might want to call it, this CD rocks as these genres used to do. It doesn’t matter where your tastes in metal reside, in this album there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Sister Sin is sure to continue their climb through the legions of hard rock bands to become a name synonymous with female fronted metal.

Fans of ’80s female fronted rock should definitely listen “Now And Forever”.

01 – MMXII

02 – End of the Line

03 – Fight Song

04 – In It for Life

05 – Hearts of Cold

06 – The Chosen Few?

07 – Hang ‘Em High

08 – I’m Not You

09 – Running Low

10 – Shades of Black

11 – Morning After

Liv Jagrell – Vocals

Jimmy Hiltula – Guitar

Strandh – Bass

Dave Sundberg – Drums, Percussion


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