SILVER HORSES (Tony Martin) – ST (2012)

SILVER HORSES (Tony Martin) - ST (2012) mp3 download


Italian rockers SILVER HORSES were put together last year by guitar player Gianluca Galli (Time Machine) and drummer Matteo Bonini.

After the band completed the line-up, they needed an anglo vocalist to sing their Classic Hard Rock songs.

Through Dario Mollo they contacted Tony Martin, who immediately accepted, and the combo recorded their self-titled debut.

Tony Martin, who incidentally has Italian forefathers, has been busy lately doing many collablorations, releasing the third Mollo-Martin album, and now with Silver Horses.

Best known for his time fronting British legends Black Sabbath during their most commercial period in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s, Martin’s bluesy tone was the perfect choice for this kind of material.

Silver Horses is Classic, traditional Hard Rock with a foot firmly planted in the seventies in the Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Co. style.

Indeed “Silver Horses” distills a strong influence from the Page / Plant band on opener “Rub It On Me”, “Life And Soul” and the acoustically filled “Diamond Sky”, all in the Led Zepp IV vein.

“Secret Service” recalls the Coverdale/Page adventure, while in the marching “Run” Deep Purple outcrops.

The band shows a more contemporary approach in the Eastern flavored “Me”, the Badlands-like “You”, and the rocking “You’re Breaking My Heart” where the Whitesnake / Bernie Marsden era comes to mind.

Title track is moody midtempo bluesy acoustic number, and the band also delivers good ballads in the groovy “Suddenly Lost” and the pure acoustic closer “Who’s Holding On To You”, a really classy track with a nice melody.

“Silver Horses” offers a very, very classic set of songs well composed and performed.

The sound and style are typically British, served with a precise and polished musicianship finely produced, warm and organic. Tony Martin feels like a fish in the water with this material, in top form as usual enhancing the tunes with his phenomenal throat.

A good dish of Classic Hard Rock is always welcomed, and “Silver Horses” is very, very purist in its delivery.

I like it.

01 – Rub It On Me

02 – Run

03 – Life And Soul

04 – Diamond Sky

05 – Secret Service

06 – Suddenly Lost

07 – Me

08 – Silver Horses

09 – You’re Breaking My Heart

10 – You

11 – Who’s Holding On To You

Tony Martin – Vocals

Gianluca Galli – Guitars

Andrea Castelli – Bass

Matteo Bonini – Drums

Nicola Costanti – guest Piano on track 6


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