RICK SPRINGFIELD – Songs For The End Of The World [Tarot Edition] (2012)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Songs For The End Of The World [Tarot Edition] (2012) best buy exclusive mp3 download mediafire

For many music aficionados, RICK SPRINGFIELD is relegated to ‘80s-only status in their minds, but this talented musician has been making terrific, thoughtful, engaging melodious pop-rock for nearly 30 years.
With his brand new album “Songs for the End of the World”, Springfield, an unbelievable 63, rips out rockers with the verve of a musician half his age.
Rick’s 18th album culls elements from past work (in example “One Way Street” will remind fans of ‘Rock of Life’ though with a galloping pace) but keeps him firmly relevant with a fresh modern melodic rock sound, insanely catchy choruses and lyrics that come from someone who has spent plenty of time in a therapist’s chair.

Yes, indeed, these new songs have a vibrant pulse, more rocking than any other stuff he has released in the last twenty years. The only times the tempo pauses for a breath are for the sweet “You and Me,” a midtempo song about the simplicity of the right partnership and the chillingly beautiful “Gabriel”.

The rest of the material (co-written with the great Matt Bissonette) is driven by propulsive guitars and Springfield’s vigorous vocals, both on full display throughout the album. There’s 4 versions of the album, each with different artwork: ‘Cold War’ exclusive to iTunes with one bonus.

The European version (published by Frontiers Records) has the same ‘Cold War’ cover but with no bonus. Amazon is selling the ‘Armageddon’ or ‘Mayan’ versions, same in content but there will be no choice which one you get. It will be determined randomly and according to their inventory.

Some kind of messy marketing… so I recommend this Best Buy exclusive “Tarot” version because it’s the one with 4 bonus tracks.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Songs For The End Of The World [Tarot Edition] (2012) four covers in a row

“Songs for the End of the World” is a surprisingly rockin’ album, plenty of arena-like melodic hard rockers with sinewy power pop riffs.

For listeners who incorrectly peg Springfield as a onetime heartthrob with one signature hit, this is your chance to understand what those who have faithfully followed his career have known all along: he’s a first class rock craftsman.

Highly Recommended


RICK SPRINGFIELD - Songs For The End Of The World [Tarot Edition] (2012) tracklist




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