WHITE FLAME – I Know Where You Live (2012)

WHITE FLAME - I Know Where You Live (2012)


WHITE FLAME was founded in the cold winter of 2002 when guitar player Anthon and drummer Jony decided to play some of his own music. Since then, White Flame has been doing some noise in their native Finland and the Scandinavian charts.

With their 3rd album in the making to be released soon, the band is presenting a bunch of songs to rock the World.

White Flame’s new album ‘Cougar’ is being produced by afamed knob-twiddling Chris Laney, and we can taste some of their work here.

These Finnish guys music is what happens when ’80s meets ’00s. White Flame’s songs are so distinctly from the ’80s, yet the sound it definately up to date.

“I Know Where You Live” is the first single from the album, and at first listen you find out that this new album will have a big and polished sound, rocking hard but heavily produced with numerous overdubs and multi-track layers.

Indeed the bombastic sound is present as well in the cover of Roxette’s 1989 hit “The Look”, filled with stinging guitars, huge drums and the reverb turned to 10.

We have here as well some remixed songs from their previous albums, the modern and break-up “Frontrow Girl”, the melodic Tyketto-tinted “Certainly Something” and the hard rocker “Kill The Radio”.

Judging the quality of this new material both in performance and production, White Flame could become international superstars with their upcoming album ‘Cougar’.

One thing is for certain, if you are a fan of the new wave of Scandinavian Hard Rock (led by H.E.A.T), you need to check these guys and be prepared for their new full length CD.

Very Good.

01 – I Know Where You Live

02 – The Look

03 – Frontrow Girl

04 – Certainly Something

05 – Kill The Radio

Vince: Vocals

Anthon: Guitars

Sammye: Bass

Jony: Drums



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