MYSTERY – The World Is A Game (2012)

MYSTERY - The World Is A Game (2012)


MYSTERY was formed in 1986 by Michel St-Pere in the Montreal region, Canada. Originally created as a studio project, it would take nearly four years before their first self-titled album was published.

Since then the band released material regularly, being “The World Is A Game” their brand new CD.

Apart from mastermind St-Pere, Mystery includes in the line-up YES vocalist Benoit David who has recorded in ‘Fly From Here’ and the subsequent ‘In The Present; Live From Lyon’.

For this new Mystery recording, Michel St-Pere has recruited expert bass player Antoine Fafard from the band Spaced Out, and terrific drummer Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Tears For Fears, Genesis).

“The World Is A Game” delivers top class Neo Prog in all aspects.

Foundationally, the music is progressive rock, with a vocalist that gives them a hint of classic AOR, which to my ears is actually a great combination.

There are soaring melodies, St. Pere’s tasteful guitar riffs and class keyboards, beautiful vocals from Benoit David and a stellar rhythm section. The songs are incredibly solid and interesting with accessible melodies, understandable lyrics and of course, great musicianship.

Mystery’s style will remind you YES, Rush, Marillion, Styx, but the more modern incarnations of these bands, so expect a lush and polished sound with a crispy fabulous production.

“The World Is A Game” is an excellent Neo Prog album, it has everything that feeds the craving of the fans of this style: Prog + AOR + mature art music.

Everything is done top notch; a great combination of production, melody, instrumentation, songwriting and a vocalist that really keeps your attention with his pure range and unique tone.


01 – A Morning Rise

02 – Pride

03 – Superstar

04 – The Unwinding of Time

05 – The World is a Game

06 – Dear Someone

07 – Time Goes By

08 – Another Day

Michel St-Pere – Guitars, Keyboards

Benoit David (Yes) – Vocals

Antoine Fafard – Bass, additional Acoustic Guitar

Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Tears For Fears) – Drums


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