JACKYL – Best In Show (2012)

JACKYL - Best In Show (2012)


Has it really been 20 years since JACKYL hit the streets with their S/T and the uproar that surrounded it?

Well, here it is 2012 and Jesse Dupree and company have not lost an ounce of fire, as it’s shown in their brand new CD “Best In Show”.

First, just to be clear, “Best In Show” is NOT a ‘Best Of’ or compilation album, this is their seventh studio album and it is, hands down, the best since their debut.

Jackyl have survived every trend since they dropped on the scene and continue to gain new fans with the fireballs they dish out.

Unapologetically lewd and loud, the Kennesaw, Georgia quartet owe more than a little tip of the hat to venerable blue collar bar rockers like Ted Nugent, ZZ Top and AC/DC.

As always, Dupree is subtle as a flying mallet, crafting a new stripper anthem with “Encore (It Makes My Bic Dig Her)”, hitting the innuendo on the chorus of “Screwdriver” and getting plenty raunchy on “Better Than Chicken”.

On the latter, the lyrics informs the listener (a great number of times) that the protagonist likes ‘poontang better than chicken’. They are so winningly dumb, that it’s hard not to want to jump and scream along with them.

But Jackyl’s always been saved from dullness by a sense of humor and smarts.

Those come through on the country stomp and chainsaw version of “Cover of the Rolling Stone” (a Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show cover), the old-school coolness of “Eleven” and the dark, angry workers anthem “Walk My Mile”.

Jesse James Dupree and the boys are back with another slab of hard rock spiced with southern (and chainsaws of course) that sounds like they’re straight out of the early ’90s.

“Best In Show” is as refreshingly unpretentious as it is willfully juvenile, offering up 11 slabs of ribs that are hardly fall-off-the-bone tender. The big guitars, wailing vocals and pounding rhythms still work for Jackyl, and all are delivered here in a consistent way.

The band know exactly what their fans want from them, and the words ‘subtle’ and ‘cerebral’ simply do not apply in their lyrics. This album is pure Jackyl. It’s loud, hard, naughty, greasy, gritty, irreverent and catchy with a little twang and a lot of groove. Most importantly, this album is just plain fun to listen to.

“Best In Show” accomplishes what it set out to do, and that is rock loud and hard.

01 – Best In Show

02 – Encore (It Makes My Bic Dig Her)

03 – Screwdriver

04 – Horns Up

05 – Golden Spookytooth

06 – Cover Of The Rolling Stone

07 – Walk My Mile

08 – Favorite Sin

09 – Better Than Chicken

10 – Don’t Lay Down On Me

11 – Eleven

12 – It’s Tricky

Jesse James Dupree – Vocals & Chainsaw

Roman Glick – Bass

Chris Worley – Drums

Jeff Worley – Guitars



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