BEVERLY KILLZ – Gasoline & Broken Hearts (2012)

BEVERLY KILLZ - Gasoline & Broken Hearts (2012)


BEVERLY KILLZ was formed in Milano, Italy, in April 2007 from the ashes of two local bands; Jasmine Gun and Mr. Jackfrost.

They debuted three years ago with an EP produced by the well known Alessandro Del Vecchio, and now it’s time for Beverly Killz full length debut “Gasoline & Broken Hearts”.

Despite the band’s name, Beverly Killz does not play sleaze, these Italian guys show in “Gasoline & Broken Hearts” their love for late ’80s / earlier ’90s American Hard Rock with a touch of Hair Metal.

So, what really showcases the band’s style is the album title. Musically, this is melodious guitar driven hard rock, plenty of backing vocals in the earlier Skid Row ‘gang’ way.

There’s many inflences in their sound such as Mariah, Julliet, Skid Row, some Guns and regarding new acts, Jettblack or the last and more rockier Crazy Lixx.

Opener “Never Back Bown” is where the band reminds me the Lixx’s in the sound and style of their last album, with a strong riff and lots of backing vocals.

Follower “Away From Danger” is one of the most commercial tunes on the CD, a melodic rock track with clean electric guitars and pumping bass lines. The song structure recalls Tyketto and Mariah. A really good song.

There’s other good melodic tunes as “Riding Alone” (Johnny Lima-like) and “Power Of Your Sex”, but also harder rockers in “Baby You’re On Target”, “Livin’ And Dyin” and “For Love”, delivering fiercer choruses.

Perhaps my pick of the album is “Sin City”, a really punchy and effective sweaty rocker with solid riffage, cowbells and Skid Row-like backing vocals.

For the end Beverly Killz surprises us with a cover of the ’90s dance hit “What Is Love” turned hard rock. It’s cool and nicely done.

As said, don’t be fooled by the band’s name (that ‘z’ is a mistake if you ask me), “Gasoline & Broken Hearts” is an Americanized hard rock album with many melodic rock moments.

Songwriting is a bit cheesy sometimes but the music is very well played and arranged and all are solid musicians. It helps a lot Del Vecchio’s assistance and the excellent mix by the renowned Dennis Ward (House of Lords) behind the desk.

I really like the vibrant guitar sound and specially the rhythm section, with perfectly recorded drums. Vincent DiStefano sings in the best Sunset Strip way, rightly articulated for this genre.

Good one.

01 – Never Back Bown

02 – Away From Danger

03 – Baby You’re On Target

04 – Dark Lady

05 – Livin’ And Dyin’

06 – Riding Alone

07 – For Love

08 – Power Of Your Sex

09 – Sin City

10 – In Sorrow

11 – What Is Love

Vince – vocals

Mak – lead guitar

John – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Andre – bass, backing vocals

Fabio – drums, backing vocals

BEVERLY KILLZ - Gasoline & Broken Hearts (2012) back cover


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