STATE OF SALAZAR – Lost My Way (2012)

STATE OF SALAZAR - Lost My Way (2012)


Swedish combo STATE OF SALAZAR was founded in Malmö two years ago by singer Marcus Nygren with many local friend session musicians.

The goal is spread their music to the masses, a music inspired by the the biggest melodious acts of the ’80s.

Indeed, State Of Salazar’s just released debut “Lost My Way” comprises all the elements that made the Arena Melodic Rock genre famous.

I hear a clear Pride Of Lions influence on tracks such as “Lost My Way (With You)”, some rocking Chicago in “When Heroes Fall” and TOTO in the rhythmic “The Blind Man”.

For the ballads, “Confession” has a very classic craft, and “Lie To Me” – where Marcus duets with Scandinavian female singer ‎Anne Lätt Nyboe – reminds you those lovable eighties soundtracks.

“I Believe In You” is a great Scandi Melodic Rock tune with lots of keyboards and very good chorus / harmonic vocals. Also love the way Marcus Nygren emphasizes his leads, the guy has the pipes for sure.

As last track we have the Survivor-like (circa 1986) uptempo AOR of “Adrian”, a lovable tune dedicated to Adrianna ‘Adrian’ Balboa, the character who plays Rocky’s spouse in the legendary movie.

State Of Salazar plays the kind of melodic, Arena Rock / AOR we love: the ’80s style. “Lost My Way” is an indie recording made with passion and love for the classic era of the genre.

The hooks, the melodies, the choruses are here, delivered with energy by these accomplished musicians. A special note goes to singer Marcus Nygren who owns a tuneful register in the vein of Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions).

I only hope these guys continue working for a next CD, as considering the quality material exposed here, in the hands of a renowned producer and with a big budget they could be the next stars in the Melodic Rock AOR field.

Highly Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 – When Heroes Fall

02 – The Blind Man

03 – Confession

04 – Lost My Way With You

05 – I Believe In You

06 – Lie To Me (feat. Anne Latt Nyboe)

07 – Adrian

Marcus Nygren – Vocals

Johan Thuresson – Gitars

Stefan Mårtenson – Keyboards

Johannes Hansson – Bass

Kristian Brun – Drums


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