So80s presents BILLY IDOL – Curated by Blank & Jones (2012)

So80s presents BILLY IDOL - Curated by Blank & Jones (2012)


BILLY IDOL ’80s albums were a truly representation of that decade sounds, combining synthesized and sequenced rhythms with flashy guitar work into a rock&pop song-package.

Although a bit cheesy at times, you can’t deny the catchiness of Billy’s stuff and the quality in Steve Steven’s six-string playing, one of my favorite rock guitarist ever.

Extended and alternate mixes were popular during the eigthies, and Billy was one of most the prolific artists in that matter.

The good thing about these versions is that they weren’t always designed as dancefloor alternates, most of these really rock. Producer Keith Forsey and the other knob experts involved recorded and remixed these multi-track tapes with as much force as possible, and Stevens’s robot noises pierce the metronomic pulse.

The Blank & Jones is a team specialized in ’80s music, and together with Idol’s original label are publishing in Germany a CD series called “So80s presents”.

While this may seem like a simple re-release of ‘Vital Idol’ or another greatest hits release, this is a comprehensive collection of Billy’s extended mixes and long versions pretty hard to find, some of them previously unavailable on CD.

Instead of the ‘Mother of Mercy’ mix of “To Be A Lover” (which was on the original re-release of Vital Idol), the alternate 12″ mix called the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mix” is included.

The most known remix of “Catch My Fall” is the ‘rub a dub dub’, here we get the “Special Remix” which is simply a slight remix of the album version without all the heavy pulsing synth bass. This one is more rocking indeed, only prev. released as vinyl b-side.

The ‘Meltdown Mix’ of “Don’t Need A Gun” included here is more rare than the longer ‘beyond meltdown mix’ which can be found on various eighties compilations.

These two tracks, as it says in the liner notes, are so rare that were transfered from a vinyl 12” LP, as the original masters are impossible to find in the label’s archive. Of course, both sounds pristine with the Blank & Jones treatment.

The rare ‘Hung Like A Pony Mix’ mix of “Mony Mony” is included instead of the more popular ‘downtown mix’.

“Hot In The City” is slightly different than the ‘Vital Idol’ version in that it fades out instead of coming to a cold end, and therefore runs about 10 seconds longer.

Adding to the collection – to make it even more interesting – there are vinyl album length versions of “Eyes Without A Face”, “Rebel Yell”, “L.A. Woman” and “Sweet Sixteen”, which in the CD pressings of the respective albums are presented in edited form.

Plus, instead of the album version of “Cradle Of Love”, we get the “Cradle Of Dub” (which has vocals, but the background music was changed).

As you see this is a CD plenty of rarities, and if you’re a collector or simply an ’80s rock&pop culture fan, you will love it.

1.  Dancing With Myself (Uptown Mix) 5:59

2.  Rebel Yell (LP Version) 4:48

3.  To Be A Lover (Rock ‘N’ Roll Mix) 7:13

4.  Eyes Without A Face (LP Version) 4:58

5.  Hot In The City (Extended Version) 5:20

6.  Catch My Fall (Special Remix) 3:43

7.  White Wedding – Parts 1 & 2 (Shot Gun Mix) 8:26

8.  Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix) 7:06

9.  Don’t Need A Gun (Meltdown Mix) 7:05

10.  Mony Mony (Hung Like A Pony Mix) 7:02

11.  L.A. Woman (LP Version) 5:31

12.  Cradle Of Dub (Extended Mix) 6:28

13.  Sweet Sixteen (LP Version) 4:15

Billy Idol – vocals

Steve Stevens – guitars

Phil Soussan, Steve Webster, Kenny Aaronson – bass

Judi Dozier – keyboards

Thommy Price – drums, percussion


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