SKAM – It’s Come To This (2012)

SKAM - It's Come To This (2012)


SKAM are a young Hard Rock band based in Leicester, UK and since their formation three years ago, they have matured and established quite a following there and elsewhere, having a reputation for fun, energetic live shows (they are on tour with ex- Thunder ‘The Union’ right now).

Whilst their previous efforts of the ‘Bulsara’ and ‘Killing Time’ EPs may have been a bit raw in production, they certainly display signs of maturity on their full length debut “It’s Come To This”.

The album was finished at the end of 2011, but faced factory pressing and distribution troubles. But now is ready to rock the world, and their efforts have, indeed, come to this.

From the opening track “Soldiers Of Rock’, Skam demonstrate just how accomplished they can be as musicians, delivering a sense of immediacy accompanied by the kind of tight, circular guitar riff they seem to be able to create in abundance.

On their meaty British Hard Rock, Skam reminds me early day Fastway, Y & T, Skin (UK) and on some places Thunder. All wrapped with a powerful modern production.

The lyrics are sung with the passion and power that a rock singer should have throughout, it being evident that vocalist Steve Hill has a talent for the job.

But each band member plays their part: the drum kit is practically punished by drummer Ray ‘X-Ray’ Peverill and Matt Gilmore plays an excellent backing, and when all three sing together, the harmonies sound really punchy.

Hill even demonstrates his talent as a guitarist with a fantastically played solo.

From there on, the quality continues. “Dead From The Waist Down” showcases a fantastic title and a powerful chorus, executed with control.

“No Lies” sees them create another effortless rhythm and “Massacre” has a groovy bass-line which drives the track with punctilious accuracy.

The second half of the album is no different either, “Weapon” containing one of the best riffs on the CD and a marching rhythm.

Although the band executes the classic rock formula of ‘take a good thing, do it again’ very well – it never tires, and the same is the case for “Frustration”. This track, especially, seems to be a celebration of rock, talking of ‘thousands of fans singing with me’, and relishing in the rock and roll dream, perhaps. One of the best tracks on the album.

The highlight, however, is without a shadow of a doubt fifth track “Going Away”. Here we see Skam at their most mellow and contemplative, with a dreamy, blues-like solo ushering in the best vocals on the album.

“Heal me, I am broken” and “miles apart right next to me” – simple, but effective and powerful lines, with Hill finding himself in his best voice. Easily the most anthemic track on the album, this is the kind of track that must fare well at gigs. After the first chorus has finished, the track builds up as the drums kick in, taking the track to new heights.

An excellent ballad, and just when you think it’s finished, it transforms into an altogether different beast, with a breakdown that sounds almost exactly like the ‘mission impossible’ theme at first glance, playing with the traditional formula they do so well on most other tracks. It is the kind of moment you might find in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (bridging the gap), when you think the track is over and a rocking guitar kicks in, giving the song an entirely new impression.

Whilst “It’s Come To This” it isn’t an album that is going to challenge the traditional formula of rock, Skam delivers a fantastic and rocking pack of songs in the best British tradition.

They are a straight-up hard rock band, and playing to their strengths. Their music combine the best of roadhouse rock with ’70s heavy and the best of UK ’80s hard rock with ease and naturalness.

“It’s Come To This” rocks like hell but it is entirely accessible and fun. What Skam have done is create a very solid album of classic (hard) rock music, and had fun doing it. Enjoy it yourself too.

Quite Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 – Soldiers Of Rock

02 – Dead From The Waist Down

03 – No Lies

04 – Massacre

05 – Going Away

06 – Weapon

07 – The Touch of Death

08 – Frustration

09 – Hold Me Down

10 – Revealing

Steve Hill: Guitars, Vocals

Matt Gilmore: Bass, Vocals

Ray ‘X-Ray’ Peverill: Drums, Vocals


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