MARYANN COTTON – Free Falling Angels (2012)

MARYANN COTTON - Free Falling Angels (2012)


“Free Falling Angels” is the debut CD of MARYANN COTTON, a new rock act from Denmark combining former members of King Diamond’s band with a young and promising Scandinavian singer.

I am talking about Jackie Patino, also known as the shocking Maryann Cotton.

Jackie wanted a classic rock character (like Alice Cooper) to develop his love for ’70s and ’80s shock rock, and took his name from a disturbed British woman who killed over 20 people in London back in the 1850. Mary Ann Cotton was found guilty of poisoning many people including various lovers and husbands. She was convicted and hung in 1873 at the age of 40. Creepy!

Jackie Patino is the son of Hal Patino, the fairly famous bassist from who has been in King Diamond, Force Of Evil and Pretty Maids.

The cool side of this project is that Jackie’s father is part of his backing band, which includes well known names of the Danish metal scene; Snowy Shaw (drums), Pete Blakk (guitar) Andy LaRocque (guitar) and Sebastain Sly (guitar).

But Maryann Cotton (the band, the character) isn’t metal at all.

This is a Rock album with hints of Hard Rock and a huge retro vibe. The style deriving from their performance is vintage, flirting with the ’70s and ’80s but with a 2012 updated sound.

Maryann / Jackie sings like a young Alice Cooper, both in the phrasing and timbre, while the music and arrangements are close to Alice as well, peppered with some eighties smell on some tracks, specially the ballads.

The songs have an underlying current of malice related to shock rock but also play so well with melodious hard rock conventions like cowbells, lots of sound-effects, fake cheering added in the background, and more.

Among the interesting tracks on this CD we have the first single “Shock Me”, a punchy Hard Rock number with nice orchestration and rhythm.

“Night Train To Paris” is heavier than the average rock yet also commercial and catchy at the same time. Easily delivered, this song puts a smile on you face.

I can say nearly the same on “Get It On”, which is more snappy and energetic, and “Miss Misery” that took a bluesy turn and patched it up together with little shards of Metal and Rock.

Anyone who even heard an Alice Cooper album from late seventies will instantly recognize many of the musical components, but that is really awesome because no one is doing that these days, not even Alice himself.

If you listen carefully you can find as well bits of Kiss, Queen and Meatloaf scattered in the album.

With “Free Falling Angels” Maryann Cotton is trying to revive the lost days of theatrical, shocking rock, and success for the most part.

Jackie Patino graces his ‘Maryann Cotton’ character with multi-facted and multi-dimensional vocals – not in the sense of wide range or power – just in the way this kind of material needs; sometimes sings, sometimes whispers, sometimes croons, always in a precise retro fashion.

The musicians backing Cotton are also doing a fine work on this recording, and altough all come from a metal background they are experienced and play this style with ease.

Production is very good, there is a lot going on in this music, it’s very polished and crafted to create the spooky atmosphere.

“Free Falling Angels” is a very interesting release framed into the almost disappeared shock rock, with a 2012 updated sound but containing all the roots from the famous ’70s and ’80s bands in this genre.

Pleasing and fun to listen, really well done.

01 – Heaven Send For Me

02 – Never Waste Land

03 – Crazy

04 – Get It On

05 – Free Falling Angels

06 – Night Train To Paris

07 – Die In Britain

08 – Miss Misery

09 – Shock Me

10 – The One

11 – “Maryann”

Maryann Cotton (Jackie Patino) – Vocals

Hal Patino – Bass

Pete Blakk – Guitars

Sebastian Sly – Guitars

Snowy Shaw – Drums

Andy LaRocque – guest Guitars


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